After the Amazon troops had recovered the princess and J'onn J'onzz from the caves of Tartarus, Aella was brought before a court where she awaited judgment for trespassing on sacred land.

Aella was made to kneel and wait for the court to appear. A large crowd of Amazon soldiers gathered nearby to hear the proceedings. To their surprise, Queen Hippolyta and her own court appeared. Also with her were her daughters Diana and Donna.

Two of the queen's servants walked over to Aella and motioned that she should rise.

Queen Aella spoke. "Rise, Aella the swordless. From this day forward I say that you shall be known as Aella, Champion of the Tartarus Gates. Receive this pair of bracelets made from the forge of Zeus himself, swordless one, so that no one shall ever forget what I command this day."

Another two servants appeared. In their hands they carried a pair of silvery bracelets.

Aella looked at them with amazement. The servants removed her old bracelets and put the new ones on.

The queen smiled. She told the crowd, "Hail Aella, Champion of the Tartarus Gates!".

"Hail!", the crowd screamed and cheered. Aella looked around and was amazed to be surrounded by so many new friends. Even Captain Mala cheered for her.

Young princess Donna smiled. She ran to her sister Diana and said, "Isn't it amazing?!"

Diana took her little sister by the hand. "A great warrior is born today, little one", she told her.
(Photos from left to right: Indian actress Trisha Krishnan as Diana, Indian actress Sangeeta Bijlani as Donna, Lucy Lawless from the TV show 'Xena: Warrior Princess' as "Aella")