My Justice League picks, 20th collage:
Metropolis was thrown into chaos once again as the metahuman gangs rallied to fill the vacuum of the Edge gang. In the brutal aftermath Arthur Curry, Helena Bertinelli and 'Black' Canary were finally able to convince Oliver to allow them to use harsher methods to bring back order to Metropolis.

But over time Helena Bertinelli, 'Black' Canary, and Arthur Curry, became frustrated with the criminal justice system and decided to take the law into their own hands. What had started out with good intentions eventually led to abuses of justice. Oliver Queen's gang slowly degenerated into mindless brutality. Because of their harsh methods the press dubbed the group the 'Agents of Justice'.

This change in methodology caused a fracture in the group. The most outspoken critic of these changes was Jordan Cross. Jordan's concerns were soon echoed by Kyle Tippet, and finally with Bart Allen. After the annihilation of the Edge gang Bart Allen became obsessed with restoring order to Metropolis, so much so that Bart found himself the unwitting accomplice of the darker elements of Oliver's gang.

Victor Stone was deeply concerned with the drastic measures the group would sometimes take to deter crime in Metropolis. Yet he also believed that a split would destroy everything they had achieved as a group. He regretfully decided to support Oliver.