The Justice League joined the Green Lanterns, and defeated the Legion of Doom and the Zamarons, all except for Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor, with his powered exoskeleton, had gone mad. He shot powerful lasers randomly in all directions. Green Lanterns worked frantically to defend the Solar System.
Clark Kent (AKA Superman) offered to get help from the planet below.

Clark flew toward the United States to a small city on the Eastern Seaboard called Hackensack. There, in a decrepit apartment building, he would find the one he needed, the only person who could defeat Lex Luthor.

It was Eve Teschmacher, whom
Clark had met years before when she went by the name 'Amy Palmer'. Clark entered through a window. Amy was watching Lex on the news, and was crying. "Clark!", she cried to him in disbelief.

Clark looked into the eyes of Amy Palmer and saw the girl whom he had first met as a teenager. It seemed so odd what he had to ask of her, but he knew it had to be asked. "I need your help one last time, Amy", he told her. "Together we can stop him. Lex has to be stopped."

Clark told Amy about the arrival of an old friend from the 31st century. Imra Ardeen (AKA Saturn Girl) arrived through one the two time portals that had appeared near Earth. Imra had brought with her a kryptonite ring, a ring she stole over a thousand years earlier, when she was only fifteen years old and had not yet traveled to the future.

But the ring wasn't made only of kryptonite. It also contained technology that Lex had created long ago with the help of Molly Griggs. And when the ring and those like it were activated it would destroy Lex's technology. Remnants of this technology, created long ago, still remained within Lex's machines.

Lex, who was firing randomly in all directions, took little notice of Imra as she flew by him and activated her ring.
Clark hoped to convince Amy Palmer to do the same.

Amy was afraid. She was Lex's companion for years but she was never a fighter.

Clark, confident that she would be okay, assured her that he would keep her safe.

Amy, who had always trusted
Clark, agreed and flew with him into orbit.
(Note: The photo on the right is Azura Skye from the episode 'Shimmer')