Amy Palmer, who had always trusted
Clark, agreed to his plan and flew with him into orbit to face Lex.

As they got closer to Lex,
Clark prepared himself. Lex was still shooting wildly in all directions. Clark would fly by Lex as fast he could, getting Amy within 30 meters of Lex for a few seconds. When they were close enough Amy would activate her kryptonite ring which would power-down Lex's exoskeleton.

Clark began his flight. He flew by in a matter of seconds. He then looked behind, wondering why Amy had not said anything to him over her communicator. He then realized that Amy had been shot in the heart by Lex.

Clark was devasted. His anger consumed him as he again flew Amy within distance of Lex, and then activated the ring himself. But his anger did not go away.

Lex, realizing what he himself had done, stared at Amy in disbelief. For one moment Lex's madness subsided.
Clark stared back at Lex with hatred, his eyes burning red with fire. "Do it!", Lex screamed, as Clark released his fury on Lex with his heat vision, and Lex Luthor was destroyed.
(Note: The photo on the left is actress Azura Skye from the episode 'Shimmer')