A Small Victory

In a last-ditch effort to save the world from the madness of Lex Luthor Jordan Cross gave the order for the Justice League to proceed with an attack on Lex Luthor's secret base. But after long months spent planning the attack and conducting surveillance Lex had managed to elude them one more time. When the dust settled Chloe lay in a coma and Kyle Tippet was on the brink of death at the Fortress of Solitude. Clark begged Jor-El to save their lives.

In response Jor-El told
Clark to give him his last two blue k crystals. Clark hesitated. Up until that point his crystals had made the Justice League strong. Not only did they give Jordan Cross and Kyle Tippet protection from Bizarro and Star Sapphire, but they also allowed them to run alongside Bart Allen and Clark at super-speed.

It had been a tumultuous day.
Clark thought back to Kyle and Chloe's final waking moments. Chloe had been indispensable in finding Lex's secret base. Kyle had been indispensable in fending off Mxyzptlk, Lex's last line of defense. Kyle's efforts allowed Clark to save Bart Allen from certain death. Clark wondered how he would ever stop Lex without them.

Jor-El heard
Clark's thoughts, and for the first time he was completely open with Clark. He told him that if he gave him the crystals that one day they would have another chance to capture Lex. He said that one day, in the future, Chloe and Kyle Tippet would be completely healed and, in addition, they would have all of Clark's powers as well.

Clark took a look around him at his companions in the Justice League. Beside him stood Jordan Cross, Bart Allen, Kevin Grady, Oliver Queen, Victor Stone, Black Canary, Helena Bertinelli and Arthur Curry. Strong as they were, he wondered how long it would be before another one of them would fall in their pursuit of Lex Luthor.

Clark released the blue k crystals from his hand. They floated over to where Chloe and Kyle lay in stasis. Instantly something that appeared to be crystal formed around them. They appeared as though they were frozen in large blocks of ice.

The League gathered around them. There was a moment of silence. When the silence ended,
Clark told them that one day Chloe and Kyle would return to them, and together they would finally save the world from the madness of Lex Luthor. And until that day came they would do everything in their power to prevent Lex from conquering humanity.