After the assault on a Justice League prison and the attack that left Justice League member Captain Atom in a coma, the FBI declared Jeff Palmer (AKA The Phantom) to be public enemy number one. To Earth First, a xenophobic group of metahumans who opposed interference by aliens in what they saw as "Earth matters", he was seen as a hero since they saw the Justice League as collaborators.

But even as Earth First celebrated their victories the Phantom continued his tirades against the Legion of Doom. He spoke of a plan to kill Tina Greer, the leader of the Legion of Doom's vanguard.

Emerald Empress, still the leader of Earth First, warned that Earth First was still too weak to take on the legion by themselves, but Jeff persisted. He claimed that Hellfire (Jason Dante), who was a powerful member of the legion's vanguard, would take control after Tina was dead, and that since he was a former member of the Hand of Vengeance he wouldn't go looking for revenge. Many members of Earth First were former members of the Hand, and they swore that Hellfire would be loyal to them.

Jeff claimed to have a device that would enable him to locate Tina Greer. He asked for a group of metahumans to create a distraction that would flush Tina out into the open. Jeff also claimed to have a device that could kill Lex Luthor. The members of Earth First cheered him on. Emerald Empress reluctantly agreed to his plan. They made plans to attack several nearby Luthorcorp facilities in Paris, France.

The apparent death of Tina Greer came as a great shock to Jason Dante (AKA Hellfire). He had always considered Tina a close friend.

Jason was becoming an effective leader within the Legion, and was surrounded by many supporters. It was the greatest time of his life. After he was elected unanimously to be the new commander of the Legion's vanguard he concluded that Tina had died protecting him from Jeff Palmer (AKA the Phantom), a member of Earth First. He recalled how she had been distant over the past few months.

Jason was outraged. He saw Earth First as a menace that needed to be wiped out, and swore that he wouldn't rest until he had the head of Emerald Empress. Earth First was outnumbered. Their leader, Emerald Empress, fought like a woman possessed as she tried to gather the pieces of her crumbling empire.

(Photos, going clockwise starting at top-left: Ryan Merriman as Jason Dante in the episode 'Velocity', Anna Mae Routledge as Livewire from the episode 'Injustice', actors Anthony Kiedis, Chris Pedersen (I think), and Vincent Klyn from the movie 'Point Break')