Earth First, a xenophobic group of metahumans who oppose the interference of aliens in "Earth matters", was outnumbered by the Legion of Doom. Their leader, Emerald Empress, fought like a woman possessed as she tried to gather the pieces of her crumbling empire.

The Justice League, seeking an end to the conflict, offered asylum to the members of Earth First if they surrendered themselves. But Earth First refused their offer. In response, the Justice League council voted that they would uphold their code of not rendering help to Earth First unless it was requested.

On the other side of the world another group known as the League of Shadows also withdrew from the conflict. But as the strife hit the city of Gotham in full force, one of their agents named Arkham launched a personal vendetta against the Luthorcorp agents there.

Arkham's actions were reported to chancellor Ducard by his commander, Natasha. He was ordered back to their headquarters in the Himalayan Mountains.
(Photos, upper left: Vivica A. Fox from 'Kill Bill' as "Natasha", lower left: Sean Bean from 'GoldenEye' and, from 'Batman Begins', middle left: Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard, middle right: Christian Bale as "Arkham", right: Ken Watanabe as Ra's al Ghul)