For defying the will of Ra's al Ghul, and launching a personal vendetta against the Luthorcorp agents in Gotham City, Arkham was ordered back to the headquarters of the League of Shadows in the Himalayan Mountains.

When he arrived he was told by one of Ra's al Ghul's attendants that he was to undergo a vow of silence for two days. On the third day he would be allowed to speak to the "voice of Ra's al Ghul", Chancellor Henri Ducard.

Arkham wandered the grounds for several days. He meditated and explored the extent of the compound. On the third day he met with Henri Ducard.

"I have something to show you", Arkham told him.

Arkham led him into his chamber and unveiled a ring. It was a green ring made out of kryptonite.

"What is this? A bribe?", Henri asked. He looked weary.

"No, it's a weapon", Arkham replied. "A weapon that can kill Lex Luthor."

Henri gave Arkham a doubtful look. "Explain", he said impatiently.

"I had this ring analyzed by my scientists", Arkham replied. "This top part here analyzes a person's fingerprints. This bottom part takes a blood sample. It then emits a series of pulses..."

Henri interrupted him. "And this will kill Lex Luthor?", he asked.

Arkham gave him a knowing look.

Henri continued, "This is the same Lex Luthor who has been shot a dozen times, stabbed a dozen times, thrown out of a building, and yet still lives? Is this the man we're talking about?"

Arkham's excitement changed to depression. He waited for Henri to continue.

"This is the man who walks through fields of landmines without a scratch. If a dozen planes were to located him and drop bombs we would be able to find him by locating the bombs that didn't explode."

Arkham's mood sank even further.

Henri continued. "We don't even know how many rings there are."

Arkham eagerly added, "Seven. The ring sends out a series of frequencies. It can do this in seven different sequences."

"Seven", Henri repeated curiously. "No matter", he said half-heartedly. "Ra's al Ghul has made up his mind. We are to stand aside. We will not intervene in this conflict between the Legion of Doom and Earth First."

"But the League of Shadows?", Arkham asked.

Henri replied, "The League of Shadows has always sought out and destroyed evil men. We did this with Genghis Khan. We did this with Alexander. But this is not a man. He cannot be killed."

"But he has been defeated by the Justice League", Arkham added.

"The Justice League", Henri replied. "Fools and cowards. They lack the will to do what must be done."

Arkham stared at the ground.

"So what now?", Arkham asked soberly.

"I want you to go to
Paris", Henri replied.

Arkham looked up eagerly.

Henri continued, "There you will meet Commander Jarrod. The leader of the Legion of Doom will be defecting to us. You will be there to make sure nothing goes wrong. Can I count on you?", Henri asked him.

"Yes. Yes my friend", Arkham replied. He grabbed Henri's hand with both of his hands and shook it.