Arkham left the League of Shadow's compound and was sent by Henri Ducard to
Paris. There he met Commander Jarrod. Commander Jarrod's team was located on a construction platform on the Eiffel Tower. There they would wait for the leader of the Legion of Doom, Tina Greer (AKA Tempest), and would escort her to a safe location.

That night there was fighting in the streets of
Paris. A radical group called Earth First had attacked several Luthorcorp compounds. Earth First and the Legion of Doom battled it out on Paris's left bank.

But it was strangely quiet as Arkham approached the
Eiffel Tower. He took the elevator up, almost to the top level, and got off. The door opened and there he saw Jarrod with his men.

"Ah!", Jarrod said. "It's about time. I want to show you something,
Wayne", he said to Arkham. He pointed upward. Not more than thirty feet above him Tempest and The Phantom (Jeff Palmer) were engaged in hand to hand combat.

Arkham's heart sank. "They can see us", he whispered.

"No!", Jarrod laughed. "Tempest won't look down. She's afraid of heights", he said.

"And The Phantom?", Arkham asked.

"The Phantom is working for us", Jarrod replied. "Look at them", he continued. "They can only kill one another in hand-to-hand combat."

"Why?", Arkham asked curiously.

"Luthor's got them programmed like gnats", Jarrod replied. "They have these things in their heads that control their thoughts. You might say he gave them a sense of honor."

"Are we still here to meet Tempest?", Arkham asked.

"Oh, yes", Jarrod replied. "The Phantom is having a little fun...but we control his programming now. When Tempest defeats him he's going to shoot her with a stun gun. Tempest will fall over the side and into those nets over there."

"Ah", Arkham replied. Arkham was disgusted by Jarrod's methods, but he kept his feelings secret. They watched the fight above until finally Tempest tossed the Phantom onto the floor.

Jarrod eagerly looked above. Arkham saw that Jarrod was still distracted and punched him in the face. Arkham then grabbed a grappling weapon and shot it at Tempest's leg. A chain shot out and chained her to the tower.

Instantly Jarrod's men attacked Arkham, and restrained him.

Jarrod's mood soured for a moment. But then he looked up and saw the Phantom rush at Tempest. They fell over the side, with the chain breaking from their combined weight.

Tempest clung to the tower. The Phantom fell into the darkness below.

But then, from out of nowhere, a civilian reached to help Tempest. Agent Blackheart stepped forward, with bloodshot eyes, and raised his weapon to shoot the man.

"No", Jarrod said. "Please trust me my friend", he said to Blackheart. "She will fall."

Blackheart trusted no man, but he believed Commander Jarrod, because for as long as he knew Commander Jarrod he was never wrong. Blackheart lowered his weapon.

Tempest fell from the tower into the nets below. Jarrod smiled, and then turned and shot Tempest with a tranquilizer. His men removed a body from a bag. Jarrod took Tempest's ring and put it on the body. His men threw the body over the side.

"What was that?", Arkham asked.

"A gift", Jarrod replied, "a clone, from Lex Luthor."

"The Phantom", Arkham muttered. "You let him die. And now you're going to turn this conflict into an all-out war."

"He didn't make the cut", Jarrod replied casually.

"What the hell's going on here", Arkham asked plainly.

"A new alliance", Jarrod replied carelessly. "The League of Shadows and the Legion of Doom will now be working together. The world needs order, Arkham, and Luthor is the only one with the power to impose that order."

"You're mad", Arkham said despondently.

"But isn't that our goal? Isn't that all of our goals?", Jarrod replied as he looked to his men.

"What about Henri Ducard", Arkham asked him. "He'd never approve of this."

"Henri is just the voice of Ra's al Ghul", Jarrod replied. "He's a puppet. My orders come from Ra's himself. The new alliance will ensure the League of Shadows survives. Now our future will be very different."

"You think you can make Tempest work for you?", Arkham asked sarcastically. "You think you can control that thing in her head that Luthor uses to control her? Do you even have an idea how it works?", Arkham asked.

"I know exactly how it works,
Wayne", Jarrod replied confidently. Arkham's ranting began to bore him. "Cuff him to the tower", Jarrod ordered his men.

"We should kill him", Blackheart said plainly.

"He's no longer one of us. We'll leave him for Luthor," Jarrod replied.

"Very well", Blackheart said without hesitation.

"It looks like I have a date", Jarrod said as he walked toward Tempest. They picked her up and wrapped her in an overcoat. "Looks like she's had a little too much to drink", he joked. "Time to go, gentlemen," Jarrod said to his men, and they left.

(Photos, top-left: Christian Bale as "Arkham", bottom-left: Indian actor Emraan Hashmi as "Blackheart", center: Sean Bean as "Commander Jarrod', right: Lizzy Caplan as Tina Greer/"Tempest")