'Dark Knights'
Arkham left the League of Shadow's compound and was sent by Henri Ducard to
Paris. There he met Commander Jarrod. Commander Jarrod's team was located on a construction platform on the Eiffel Tower. There they waited for the leader of the Legion of Doom, Tina Greer (AKA Tempest), to escort her to a safe location.

After an altercation between Arkham and Jarrod, Arkham was left handcuffed to the
Eiffel Tower--left for Lex Luthor's minions to find him.

A flock of bats flew near the tower, startling him. A voice out of the darkness asked, "They scare you, Wayne?"

Arkham turned to see who had spoken. To his surprise it was his commander Natasha, accompanied by her agents Woodcutter and Smoke.

"Are you here to kill me?", Arkham asked her bitterly.

"You did disobey my orders", Natasha said sarcastically. "Why are you here in Paris,
Wayne", she asked calmly.

"I was sent by Henri Ducard to meet Commander Jarrod", he replied.

"I knew it", she whispered.

"What?", Arkham asked wearily.

"Do you trust Mr. Ducard,
Wayne", Natasha asked.

"Yes...", Arkham responded carefully.

"He did send you here", Natasha said sarcastically.

Arkham became bitter again. He glared at her.

"Am I to understand that it was Commander Jarrod that cuffed you to the tower?", she asked him. Agent Smoke chuckled. Agent Woodcutter grinned at her remark.

"Yes. He almost killed me", Arkham replied wearily.

"You look alright to me", Natasha said.

"Do you want to tell me what's going on here?", Arkham asked impatiently.

"We're here because Ra's al Ghul broke a promise, Mr. Wayne", she replied.

"A promise?", Arkham asked.

"Yes, Mr.
Wayne. A promise he made to our forefathers", she said.

"Ah", Arkham said.

"The bond between the Gotham Knights and the League of Shadows is broken", she said.

"I see", Arkham added. "What now?", he asked.

"The streets below are filled with police and ambulances. We'll make our way across the river", she replied.

"To where?", Arkham asked.

"I made reservations", Natasha replied.

"Reservations for what?", Arkham asked.

"For dinner", she said. Agent Woodcutter walked over and unlocked Arkham's handcuffs.

Arkham was surprised. "Dressed like this?", he asked. "What about Tempest's kryptonite ring? Shouldn't we go find it?"

"The ring will be found, Mr. Wayne. Trust me", she said. Natasha casually walked over to the side of the tower, looked below, and carelessly threw her sword over the side.

Arkham gave her a puzzled look.

Agent Smoke was surprised as well. But then he thought about it for a moment and said, "I don't even use this damn thing", and threw his own sword over the side.

Agent Woodcutter did the same, gently dropping his sword into the darkness. Under his breath he uttered the word 'adiós'.

Together they took the elevator to the bottom level and crossed the river.

(Photos from left to right: Zach Galifianakis as "Woodcutter", Jada Pinkett Smith as "Natasha", Sam Elliott as "Smoke")