The Protector

"Hi Jordan, this is Clark. I hope you get this message someday. We all know that you've been flying around the Universe with the Green Lantern Corps fighting a galactic war against the Zamarons, and traveling through time and space. We're all so proud of you. We all wished we could have been right beside you.

Recently, Victor Stone single-handedly managed to rescue Black Canary and Green Arrow from a secret Luthorcorp compound. There were times when I had my doubts about Victor, but in the end he made the right call.

And Kevin Grady turned out to be such a great leader. Bart and I still can't believe that only five years ago he was fighting under Star Sapphire. He did so well on the junior team that it wasn't long before he made the council, and then became council leader soon after.

Under his leadership we managed to capture most of the Hand of Vengeance. Byron Moore was inadvertently killed in the fighting recently. There's only a handful of them running around now, Star included. She's on the loose, and more dangerous at the moment. But they're really desperate right now. We think they might even join up with Lex's Legion.

You would have been so proud of them."