When Jordan Cross, Kyle Tippet and Bart Allen confronted Clark and told them of their intentions to form a new super-group Clark was puzzled what he should do. He faced a decision that would change his life forever. He wondered what advice his father Jonathan would give him. He spent days debating what to do. He spent many hours on the phone talking to his mother in Washington. He also spent hours at his father's grave, hoping for a sign.

He eventually became convinced that joining their group, which they referred to as the Justice League, was the best thing he could do to help humanity, and that his father would be proud of him.

Jordan, Bart and Kyle were elated to hear
Clark's decision to join the League. Clark decided that as a member of their group he would be known as Kal-El.

The Justice League founders looked to the example of King Arthur's knights of the round table for guidance.