After the apparent murder of Tina Greer (AKA Tempest) at the hands of Jeff Palmer (AKA the Phantom), the Legion of Doom declared war on the group known as Earth First. Earth First was a xenophobic group of metahumans who opposed the interference of aliens in what they saw as "Earth matters". Under the leadership of Jason Dante (AKA Hellfire) the Legion became united for the first time in years.

Earth First was outnumbered. Their leader, Emerald Empress, fought like a woman possessed as she tried to gather the pieces of her crumbling empire. The empress somehow managed to protect those who were most important to her including Imra Ardeen (AKA Lady Saturnine) and a metahuman calling himself "the Persuader". She even managed to strike back at the Legion of Doom, killing some of Lex's most powerful agents. The agents were members of an elite Luthorcorp team who referred to themselves as the "Final Five". The empress mocked them, leaving the words "Fatal Five" at the crime scenes.

The Emerald Empress seemed to know Lex's plans before he knew them himself. She was so successful that rumors began to spread that she was working with an alien race known as the Venegarians who provided her with knowledge of the future. Some even claimed that she herself, the leader of Earth First, was an alien.

As the battle wore on, Commander Jarrod of the League of Shadows desperately waited for information that would lead him to Tempest's kryptonite ring, a ring that he believed could kill Lex Luthor. Finally he received word from a member of Earth First known as 'Shark' in
Gotham. Jarrod arranged a meeting between Shark and Gotham commander Natasha.
(Photos, clockwise from top: Eric Christian Olsen from the episode 'Hourglass' as a Luthorcorp agent, Katie Holmes as Emerald Empress, Tom Cruise as a Venegarian, Beatrice Rosen from 'Spirit' as a Luthorcorp agent, Sean Bean as "Commander Jarrod")