As the battle between Earth First and the Legion of Doom wore on, Commander Jarrod of the League of Shadows desperately waited for information that would lead him to Tempest's kryptonite ring, a ring that he believed could kill Lex Luthor. Finally he received word from a member of Earth First known as 'Shark' in Gotham. Jarrod arranged a meeting between Shark and Gotham-commander Natasha.

In an abandoned building in Park Row, in the East End of Gotham, Commander Natasha met Agent Smoke who had been tracking the location of Shark and his friends.

"Report", Natasha asked.

"Three Luthorcorp agents on the way, lead by Subcommander Deadshot", Smoke replied.

"If that's all they got then we'll be just fine", Natasha said sarcastically.

Agent Smoke gave her a worried look. He waited for her to say what they were both thinking.

"And this subcommander--who is his commander?", she asked him.

"Commander Star Sapphire", Smoke replied plainly.

"Commander Star Sapphire", Natasha said thoughtfully. "She doesn't take prisoners."

"No", he replied. He paused for a moment to catch his breath and asked, "What's your plan?"

"Lex Luthor isn't a man to take chances", she said. "We'll be ready for Deadshot, and for Star Sapphire."

"Ready?!", Smoke asked, catching his breath. "Ready, how?!", he asked skeptically.

"We both know that Star Sapphire's ring is a computer. It won't let anything dangerous through her force field, so we can't kill her", she replied. "We'll create a distraction so Shark and his boys can escape."

"To where?", Smoke asked.

"This ring is very important", she replied. "The boss is going to meet them outside the city limits. You go with them. Make sure they get there alright."

"Those punks?!", Smoke asked.

"They're just dumb kids", Natasha replied. "And we need them."

"We need their powers?", Smoke asked.

"Yes", Natasha replied, "we need their powers, and we need their foolishness. Fortune favors the foolish."

"Like the Justice League?!", Smoke said sarcastically. "I'm just one man", he added.

"I know you, Smoke", Natasha said. "I know your fangs are real."

"Smoke gazed into the distance for a moment. Not everything with fangs is a vampire", he said. "What about Agent Woodcutter?", Smoke asked her.

"He knows the risks", she replied. "He'll stay, so you'll be flying solo tonight. You two never did get along."

"Really?!", Smoke asked. "I always thought it was a miracle we didn't kill each other."

Natasha smiled and laughed for a moment.

"What about you?", Smoke asked.

"What about me?", she said thoughtfully. "I'd like to look into Lex Luthor's eyes when he realizes what he's lost tonight. I'd like him to know what it's like to lose something precious. Tonight is Lex Luthor's time to fail."

(Photos from left to right: Kristin Kreuk from the episode 'Delete' as "Star Sapphire", Jada Pinkett Smith as "Natasha")