In an abandoned building in Park Row, in the East End of Gotham, Commander Natasha of the League of Shadows met with Agent Smoke. Agent Smoke was tracking the location of members of a radical group known as Earth First: a man named Shark and two of his friends. With them they carried a kryptonite ring that they hoped to use to kill Lex Luthor. Agent Smoke revealed that Shark had been followed by several Luthorcorp agents.

Shark and his gang ran through the streets of
Gotham. Finally they arrived at Natasha's location in Park Row. Natasha and Shark discussed the situation in the building's basement while the others prepared for battle.

Upstairs, there was a loud explosion. From out of the dust a team of Luthorcorp operatives appeared, led by Commander Star Sapphire. Star walked into the center of the room and looked around. "This building doesn't look very stable", she said. "Use small rounds only."

"Yes, Commander Sapphire", Subcommander Deadshot replied enthusiastically.

They looked around the room, an atrium with several levels. The far walls of the atrium were obscured by smoke.

"Begin a perimeter search...", Star began to say, when they heard the sound of footsteps. Their eyes darted all around, trying to discover the Earth First agents that had stolen one of their kryptonite rings. But they saw nothing.

"Begin your search, subcommander...", Star said again, but then something flew out of the darkness. One of the agents fell to the floor. The other agents pulled out their guns.

"What happened, Agent Thawne?", Star asked to the man on the ground.

"Tripped, commander", Agent Thawne responded despondently.

"Agent Free, begin a scan", Star commanded.

Agent Free pulled a large scanner from his back. After a few seconds he reported, "there are two metahumans on the bottom level! And there are two unknowns in the atrium!"

"Subcommander Deadshot...", Star began to say, when she was cut off by Free.

"Wait, commander! There's another!", Free said.

"Well?! What is it?!", Star asked impatiently.

"I'm sorry commander", Free replied. "I'll need more time to run a scan."

The creature appeared again. This time it came from behind, grabbed Thawne, and thew him to the floor. They saw its face. The face shocked them.

"Ouch", Thawne moaned on the floor.

"What the hell was that?!", Subcommander Deadshot asked.

"Some kind of freaky vampire", Thawne said. He was exhausted.

"Commander?!", Deadshot asked Star.

"Keep scanning, Scott", Star said. "Light this place up, Floyd", she said to Deadshot.

Deadshot and Thawne opened fire, shooting everything in sight.

After a minute, Agent Free yelled to Star, "I'm getting something, commander!"

"What is it?!", she asked impatiently.

"Failure", he replied.

"Failure? What failure?", she asked.

"Agent Failure--agent of Luthorcorp!", Free replied confidently.

"That's not possible", Star said.

"Isn't she dead?", Deadshot asked her.

"Yes", Star whispered.

"Are you sure, commander?", Free asked.

"Yes", she said quietly. "I killed her."

"It's a freaky vampire", Thawne whispered to Deadshot.

Star overheard Thawne, and began to feel afraid.

(Photos from left to right: Kristen Kreuk as Star Sapphire, Kristin Kreuk as a zombie from the episode 'Scare', Brad Pitt as Deadshot)