In an abandoned building in Park Row, in the East End of Gotham, a team of Luthorcorp operatives searched for a kryptonite ring that had been stolen from them by members of a radical group known as 'Earth First'.

The team, led by Commander Star Sapphire, was instead confronted by a mysterious creature. The creature attacked them from the darkness. A mysterious smoke also obscured their view.

After having been tripped by the creature several times, Agents Free, and Thawne, and Subcommander Deadshot stood back to back. They aimed their guns, searching for some clue to the creature's location.

Again and again the creature flew past them, trying to trip them. Commander Star Sapphire stood at a distance, and manipulated her force field to allow the agents to use their weapons.

The creature flew past them again. The agents turned their weapons to fire. But then suddenly the creature appeared again behind them, and tripped Agent Free.

"God damn!", Agent Thawne said. He was amazed.

"Teleporter! We have a teleporter!", Agent Free reported while lying on his back. His large scanner lay smashed on the floor.

Subcommander Deadshot was becoming more and more frustrated. He smiled sarcastically and said to him, "Thank you, genius."

Suddenly a light appeared on an upper balcony. The creature stepped into the light.

"What the hell?", Deadshot said.

Thawne and Free aimed their weapons and waited for Deadshot's command to fire.

"Let's see if this thing can dodge bullets", he said, as he pulled a rifle from his back. He took aim and fired.

The creature was hit, and fell to the ground. Deadshot lowered his weapon slightly and peered into the distance cautiously. After a few seconds the creature got back up. There was a great deal of blood on the creature's torso. The creature scurried off like some kind of animal.

"Healing factor!", Agent Free reported.

Agent Thawne whispered, "I told you! It's a vampire!"

Star Sapphire heard Thawne and gasped.

Deadshot said nothing. He stared into the distance and felt afraid.

(Photos from left to right: Kristen Kreuk as Star Sapphire, Kristin Kreuk from the Pilot, Brad Pitt as Deadshot)