In an abandoned building in Park Row, in the East End of Gotham, a team of Luthorcorp operatives searched for a kryptonite ring that had been stolen from them by members of a radical group known as 'Earth First'.

The team, led by Commander Star Sapphire, was instead confronted by a mysterious creature. The creature attacked them from the darkness. A mysterious smoke also obscured their view.

After having been tripped by the creature several times, Agents Free, and Thawne, and Subcommander Deadshot stood back to back. They aimed their guns, searching for some clue to the creature's location.

They learned that the creature was a teleporter, and that it had healing abilities.

After failing to kill the teleporting creature with a rifle, Subcommander Deadshot pulled out his automatic weapons, desperately trying to stop it. Agents Free and Thawne also opened fire.

After several minutes of firing, the creature no longer appeared. Agents Thawne and Free moved in to investigate.

Subcommander Deadshot wiped the sweat from his brow. He turned to talk to Commander Sapphire. But after he turned around he saw she had her power ring aimed at him. "Dive!", he yelled to the agents.

Commander Sapphire released the full force of her ring, blowing a hole in the far wall of the building. "Arghhhh!", a man screamed from the darkness.

The agents were sore from the fighting, and angry. Slowly they began to pick themselves up from the ground when they heard a voice above screaming, "Nooooooooooo!"

The agents frantically turned their guns to the ceiling and opened fire. They fired until they had to reload, and then they fired again until their clips were empty. And then they reloaded and pointed their guns to the ceiling, and waited.
(Photos from left to right: Kristin Kreuk from 'Scare' as the creature, Zachary Levi as "Agent Scott Free", Kristin Kreuk as Star Sapphire, Jason Mewes as "Agent Thad Thawne"; Bottom: Brad Pitt as Deadshot)