Gang violence in Metropolis escalated after the eradication of the Edge gang, which caused a power vacuum in Metropolis. Not even the Metropolis police, the greatest police force in the world, could deal with the insurgence. Hearing of the death of a police officer on the evening news became common.

Members of the Oliver Queen gang including Arthur Curry, Helena Bertinelli and Black Canary proposed changing their gang's current strategy of containing gang violence to a new strategy of pitting one gang against another.

In the beginning this new strategy seemed to make sense to Oliver. For every life that was lost in brawls that were caused by Oliver's Gang he believed the life of a police officer would be saved.

However this change in strategy fractured their gang. Jordan Cross, Kyle Tippet and Bart Allen soon left to start a new gang in Smallville with
Clark Kent, which they called the Justice League. Eventually the only members who remained were Oliver, Helena Bertinelli and Black Canary.

The press also turned on Oliver's gang for the chaos they caused in Metropolis. Because of their harsh methods the press dubbed the gang the 'Agents of Justice'.

As time went on the Metropolis gangs eventually adapted to their diminishing numbers of meteor-infected members by turning to other sources of power. They learned new techniques of using kryptonite. They created tattoos which gave them the ability to walk through walls. They created fumes which gave them superhuman strength.

In addition, Lex Luthor secretly marketed experimental kryptonite substances to these gangs. Some of these substances had never been tested, not even on animals. As a result they sometimes resulted in death or in unexpected mutations.

The most zealous member of Oliver's remaining gang was Helena Bertinelli, who had become known in Metropolis as the Huntress. Black Canary continued mostly out of loyalty to her friends, although she eventually came to regret the path she had chosen. Green Arrow was torn between the two of them. He was either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the guilt he felt for his part in violence that led to numerous deaths, deaths of people who were both guilty and innocent. He was a shell of the man he had once been. He hid his face beneath his dark goggles and hood. His clothes were tattered and he neglected to shave.
(Black Canary is represented by a photo of Maria Bello)