In an abandoned building in Park Row, in the East End of Gotham, Star Sapphire stared upward into the darkness.

Just a moment before, her Luthorcorp strike team had turned their guns to the ceiling and opened fire on an unknown assailant. They fired until they had to reload, and then they fired again until their clips were empty. And then they reloaded and pointed their guns to the ceiling, and waited.

Suddenly something fell from the darkness and the smoke. It passed directly through Star Sapphire's force field and knocked her to the ground.

It was Natasha (AKA Failure). There was fake blood on her shirt. And she had been short several times in the arm and on her side. On the ground beside her was a vampire mask. "I want a piece of you!", Natasha screamed as she punched Star Sapphire several times in the face.

Star was so shocked by Natasha's appearance that it took her a few moments to react. Finally she grabbed Natasha's arms and tried to push her away. But she couldn't. Natasha was too strong.

Agent Thawne raised his weapon and prepared to fire at Natasha, not realizing that Star Sapphire's force field was still up. "Eat this!", he yelled wildly at them. But someone suddenly ripped the weapon from his hands.

Thawne turned his head angrily toward Deadshot, and Deadshot's fist came crashing into his face, knocking him to the floor. "Idiot", Deadshot said.

Natasha and Star struggled. Star pushed, trying to aim her Zamaron power ring at Natasha's head. "Go! Go! Go!", Natasha yelled desperately.

Suddenly the smoke began to disappear. X'r and Phaser were waiting a few floors below her in the basement. X'r, with his x-ray vision, wasn't able to see the Luthorcorp agents because of their lead-lined suits. So he fired around Natasha in a perimeter. The floor erupted with bullets.

"Over here!", Agent Scott Free yelled to Deadshot from another part of the room. Deadshot dove beside Free. He then looked back and saw that Agent Thawne was only a few feet away, lying on the floor. Deadshot pulled Agent Thawne toward them, tearing a muscle. "Arghhhh!", he screamed.

Star opened fire with her power ring. Star fired a wide beam, hoping to hit Natasha at an angle.

The force of the beam sent Natasha flying up into the ceiling, and then back down to the floor. It also sent Star's agents crashing against the floor. Star herself was knocked unconscious.
(Photos from left to right: Kristin Kreuk from 'Scare' as Star Sapphire, Brad Pitt as "Subcommander Deadshot", Jason Mewes as "Agent Thad Thawne"; Chris Pedersen (I think) from the movie 'Point Break' as "X'r")