Star Sapphire and her strike team were knocked unconscious by a blast from her ring. When Star finally picked herself up from the floor she saw her strike-team: Agent Thawne, Agent Free, and Subcommander Deadshot. They were still unconscious.

In the distance Star also saw Natasha lying on the ground. Natasha's eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. Beside Natasha was a pool of blood. She was dead.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Star noticed a large, bearded man in the distance. It was Agent Woodcutter. Star aimed her ring and fired. The force of her ring threw Agent Woodcutter back into a concrete wall behind him. He then fell to his side, as though the last drop of life had finally left him.

"Nooooo!", A voice yelled in the darkness. The voice came from the upper level of the atrium.

Star looked up and saw a large figure sprawled out along the upper level. Star aimed her ring and fired. But she could not focus, and the ring misfired.

This came as a surprise to Star. But she was a commander now. For years she had fought for Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom. Star decided her best option was to run, and so she ran in the other direction.

But after Star ran a few feet the man came at her from behind, and knocked her to the floor.

Star's force field still protected her, but it hurt her ego to be knocked to the ground. She gathered her strength and picked herself up, determined to face her attacker.

Star now saw the figure was a man. He wore a long dark cape shaped like bats wings. There were horns coming from his dark hood.

The man attacked her with jujitsu, punching and kicking. His attack was fierce, but Star's ring still protected her. She fought him back, and eventually knocked him to the ground.

But the the man got up almost immediately. Again he attacked her swiftly with punches and kicks.

Star was getting tired. She found it difficult to continue fighting, but eventually she knocked him again to the ground. But again he got up.

Eventually Star couldn't fight the man any longer. She braced herself behind her force field. Star became afraid. She gritted her teeth. Her eyes became watery.

The man punched at her again and again. Finally a punch connected with Star's face and her force field disappeared. Star grimaced at the blow. Blood and spit left her mouth. She was knocked to the floor. She was defeated.
(Photos from left to right: Kristin Kreuk as Star Sapphire, Michael Keaton as Batman)