A year had passed since Jordan Cross joined the Green Lantern Corps. Since then he had been traveling through time and space fighting a galactic battle against the Zamarons.

One year after
Jordan left, Clark was able to send a message to Jordan. In response Clark received a message from the Corps.

The Corps reported that they had lost contact with
Jordan's battalion. The battalion was chasing a horde of Zamarons though a time portal, one that lead to earth--an earth thirty years in the future. The Corps later intercepted Zamaron communications hinting of a legion of enemies waiting for them on the other side of the portal, a great weapon that would finally give the Zamarons their victory, and an evil genius who would lead the Zamarons into a new era.

After passing through the portal the Green Lanterns were shocked to find themselves outflanked by both the Zamarons and Lex Luthor's Legion.
Jordan had hoped that he would find the Justice League there, but they were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly the Green Lanterns intercepted a communication from Lex Luthor. Lex proposed that they settle the matter by sending forth one person from each side. These two would fight to the death, and the losing side would enter a portal that would take them 1000 years into the future.

Desperate to save themselves the commanders of
Jordan's battalion agreed with Lex's proposal. Jordan flew to the location where he would fight.

From the enemy's side
Jordan was shocked to see his girlfriend from the past, Megan Calder, approaching. Lana Lang, now known as Star Sapphire, had abducted her from the past, one year after Jordan left, and brainwashed her to follow her commands. She outfitted Megan with a Zamaron power ring, much like her own.

Jordan wondered where the Justice League was. He wondered if they still existed. He decided that he would try to protect Megan by not using his full power against her, in the hope that the League would come to their aid soon.
(the photo in the upper left is Jim Shield as Sinestro. Jim Shield played Ryan's step dad in 'Stray' [season 1])