Years after high-school, and the bitter argument that ended their friendship, Jordan called Lana after seeing a vision of her being killed in an explosion. Lana was at first cautious in talking to Jordan, but after hearing about his vision she began to sound much more receptive. They agreed to meet in Smallville.


Jordan and Lana analyzed details of his vision, hoping to alter the future. Jordan noticed that the details he mentioned seem to resonate with Lana, but she said nothing to him about what they might represent. Instead she told him that she was very grateful for his help, and that she had to leave immediately to make sure nothing happened. Jordan offered to go with her but she insisted it wasn’t necessary, and thanked him again for his help.


The next day Jordan and Lana met again. Lana was thrilled to see him. She was convinced that Jordan had saved her life. Lana started to trust Jordan again. She began to tell him of her plans to create a vigilante task force to reign in dangerous meteor freaks and Kryptonians.


Jordan looks away from Lana. He had assumed that Lana had realized that he was a meteor-freak, but she had not. He tried to hide his disinterest. He had wanted so much for them to be friends again. He told Lana how great it was to see her again, and then made an excuse to leave, telling her that he would call her.


Before Jordan left Smallville he confronted Clark. He told him that Lana was now building up a vigilante task force, a group that would most likely shoot first and ask questions later. But Clark had been reluctant to believe Jordan. He had known Lana his whole life.


Jordan interpreted Clark’s reluctance as apathy. He felt that Clark had turned his back on him. Jordan traveled to Metropolis where he accepted an offer by Oliver Queen to join his group of special operatives—a group who’s goal at the time was to curb the violence and destruction caused by Meteropolis’s metahuman gangs.