The Justice League learns that Chloe has been abducted by Lana’s followers, a group of vigilantes known as the Hand of Vengeance. Lana had failed to convince Chloe of her plan to save humanity by eliminating dangerous Kryptonians and meteor freaks, but making exceptions for those who were the victims of human experimentation. Lana convinces Kevin Grady to erase some of Chloe’s memories so that she will work with them. Lana tells Kevin that it is for a greater good.


In the battle that ensues between the Justice League and the Hand of Vengeance Clark and Kyle Tippet get a first hand look of the “new” Chloe.  Her face looks blank as if she is in a trance. They call out to her but instead of running to them she is frightened by them. Kyle is blocked  from rescuing Chloe by Byron Moore.  There is an uncomfortable confrontation between Clark and Kevin Grady. Clark and Kevin had once been friends. Now, fighting on different sides, Kevin starts to doubt Lana’s reasoning.


Chloe and Bart Allen are shocked by an attack on Jordan Cross, the Justice League’s leader. Jordan is almost killed by Lana. Jordan is just barely able to escape after foreseeing his own death.


Clark comes to accept that Lana is now his enemy.