The Ivory Tower

Jordan first met Lana when trying out for Smallville's track team. Although Jordan began

dating Megan soon after, who at the time was a cheerleader, he discovered that he had much

in common with Lana, both academically and athletically.


Jordan and Lana spent a lot of time at Smallville High as honor students studying together.

They shared many of the same classes. In time, they began to trust one another, and would

sometimes share their dreams and goals with each other.


One of their major concerns was the large number of meteor infected individuals in

Smallville, and the potential of these individuals to wreak havoc on the population. To

solve this dilemma Jordan believed that a league should be formed in order to maintain

justice in Smallville. Being an avid reader Jordan became inspired by the example of King

Arthur and the code of the Knights of the Round table. Jordan believed that people should

not only enforce the law but also dedicate themselves to principles of loyalty, honor,

faith and steadfastness. He also believed that it was the responsibility of the strong to

defend the weak.


Lana agreed somewhat with Jordan's ideas. But Lana believed that it was the responsibility

of the strong to defend the innocent people of Smallville from the meteor infected by

rounding up meteor infected individuals and relocating them to the Belle Reve sanitarium.


Jordan himself was meteor infected, yet he felt that revealing this to Lana might make her

apprehensive. Jordan tried to convince Lana that not all meteor infected individuals were



Lana was shocked to hear this from Jordan, who she considered to be a close friend. She

could not understand why the deaths of Principal Kwan and Van McNulty did not convince him

of the necessity to take serious measures to defend the citizens of Smallville from the

meteor-infected menace. Lana had been especially upset from the death of Van at the hands

of several meteor freaks in Belle Reve. Van had once saved her life. She told Jordan never

to speak to her again and stormed off.