The Fate of Jeff Palmer

Since becoming a member of the Legion of Doom Jeff Palmer has been a constant thorn in Lex's side, many times refusing to obey his orders. Despite Lex's love for Jeff's sister, Amy Palmer-Teschmacher, Lex has had enough of Jeff disobedience and decides to get rid of him once and for all. Lex assigns the task to Legion member Dr. Helen Bryce, Lex's former wife and would-be murderer, as a test of her wavering loyalty. To ensure that nothing goes wrong Lex orders his former business rival Victoria Hardwick, someone who was personally almost murdered by Jeff. That was before Jeff's long and difficult rehabilitation. Dr. Helen Bryce, frustrated, like Jeff, with her unfavorable treatment by Lex, reluctantly agrees to this task.

Unknown to Lex, Amy Palmer Teschmacher, now Lex's fiance, approaches
Clark Kent, a local hero, and begs him to save her brother. Clark is reluctant to save Jeff because of Jeff's shady past, but agrees to do it for Amy, who he knows would be devastated by Jeff's demise. Amy gives Clark the details of the assassination and they plan Jeff's escape. One week later Helen is sent by Lex to kill Jeff. Lex changes his plan, sending her an hour earlier than expected.

Helen locates Jeff. After knocking him unconscious she binds his hands and feet. She drags him to one of Lex's secret underground tunnels to complete her task. Victoria Hardwick follows closely behind, watching Helen's every move. After moving a safe distance from Lex's mansion, Helen clutches her gun and aims it at Jeff. She hesitates.
Victoria sees Helen's indecisiveness and threatens to call Lex himself to finish the task. Furious, Helen shoots Victoria Hardwick. Victoria scratches Helens face before falling to the ground, and then she spits at Helen. She tells her that she is a fool and will die, and then screams for the guards. In a panic, Helen cuts Jeff's bonds. They run for their lives through the tunnel and don't look back.

After a couple hundred feet they come up on the guards stationed near the tunnel exit. After several minutes Helen manages to shoot her way through the guards, and she and Jeff run past them toward the exit. But a few seconds later they hear gunshots from behind.

Helen tells Jeff to run for it, not knowing that
Clark is only a few hundred feet behind her, at the tunnel exit. She is able to hold back the guards long enough for Jeff to make his way to safety, but soon runs out of bullets. Jeff finds Clark and explains to him that Helen is in danger. Clark rushes into the tunnel. He finds Helen lying on the ground. After spotting Clark Lex's guards open fire with kryptonite bullets. Clark grabs Helen and runs back to Jeff. He picks up both of them and takes them to a secret location where they decided to meet Amy Palmer Teschmacher. Clark carefully places Helen on the ground, and tells her he'll get an ambulance.

Helen, being a medical doctor, tells
Clark that it's too late for her. She thanks him for saving Jeff and herself from Lex. As a last request she asks Clark to give Jeff a chance to redeem himself.