The Fate of Jeremy Creek

Years ago Lex secretly began to assemble an elite task force of metahumans. One of the first metahumans he sought was Jeremy Creek, a former Smallville student who went on a rampage after being meteor infected. Lex invited Jeremy to join an elite Luthorcorp training program. He told him that with Luthorcorp training and specialized equipment he could be one of the most powerful metahumans ever.

Jeremy was cautious about Lex's proposal. He had been only recently released from Belle Reve Sanitarium, where his rehabilitation was long and difficult. And, like Jeff Palmer, Jeremy had also come to respect and admire
Clark Kent as a role model. In his modest room at Belle Reve he spent many hours contemplating what it would be like to be a hero like Clark, but he soon found life outside Belle Reve to be extremely difficult.

Clark Kent learned of Jeremy's dilemma and offered room and board at the Kent farm. He warned Jeremy not to trust Lex. Jeremy knew that Lex wasn't to be trusted, but he also didn't want to impose on Clark. Jeremy still had not forgiven himself for what he planned to do to Clark's classmates.

In his despondent state Jeremy ultimately accepted Lex's proposal. He soon began training to become a member of Luthorcorp's elite task force, a group that would one day be known as the Legion of Doom.