The Traitor’s Gift
The following are the words of Jeremiah Holdsclaw, the betrayer, who turned his back on the Star Sapphire goddess and embraced the Evil One:
"Long ago the Kawatche tribe foretold the coming of an evil man. This man could be killed only by the hand of Naman, their savior. They named this evil man Sageeth."

"They foretold that gods would tremble at his feet, and legions of the most powerful beings in the universe would heed his call."

"Only the fiercest among them would have the honor of serving him and sharing in his glory.


“Yet he would live on long after many of them had perished."

"But those who survived in the end would be as gods among men."

Note: Mxyzptlk from Jinx is on the left and Tina Greer from X-Ray and Visage is on the right.