Marked for Death

For her role in the death of Lowell Wilson, one of Tina Greer's Vanguard, Star Sapphire was marked for punishment. Using a device created by Legion member Molly Griggs to disable Star's power-ring, Tina beat Star so severely that she had to be hospitalized for several days.

When Tina returned from her mission she was informed by her agents that Van McNulty (AKA Vendetta) had abandoned his post. He was tracked to his family's hunting cabin.

Tina, thinking that Van had lost his mind, decided to confront him in person. When she found him she hardly recognized him. He was dressed like a Kawatche Indian, and was standing beside a large bonfire. He held a samurai sword in his hands.

Van yelled at Tina telling her that he would have his revenge for the attack on Star Sapphire, his former leader while a member of the vigilante group the "Hand of Vengeance".

Tina accepted Van's challenge and unsheathed her katana.

Tina charged him. Van McNulty had become a skilled assassin, yet Tina Greer was the master of the samurai sword, and fought valiantly. She forced Van back until he was cornered, and then outmaneuvered him, piercing his heart.

Van fell to the ground. He let out a laugh, and then died a few moments later.

Tina looked down at his body and was shocked to discover that she had been standing within a circle. It appeared that someone had painted a white circle on the ground with spray paint. Around the edge of the circle there were words. The letters of the words resembled Kawatche writing that Tina had seen before.

Tina was not able to translate the words herself so she sent for Jeremiah Holdsclaw, who was being held prisoner at the Luthor mansion. Like Van, Jeremiah had also been a former member of the "Hand of Vengeance". He left them years before for Lex Luthor after being betrayed by Star Sapphire.

Since that time Lex held him at the mansion even as Jeremiah pleaded and swore that he would never betray Lex. But Lex refused to risk the possibility that Jeremiah's knowledge would fall into the hands of his enemies.

When Jeremiah arrived at the cabin he found it difficult to read the writing. He got down on his hands and knees to take a better look. Suddenly he started laughing.

Tina, thinking that Jeremiah had also lost his mind, reprimanded him. "What is it, fool!", she said.

Jeremiah, still laughing, looked up at her and smiled. "These words are a curse", he said. "Anyone who enters this circle is cursed."

Furious, Tina charged at Jeremiah and lifted him up by the neck. "Tell me what it says you fool!", she screamed.

Jeremiah said "Anyone who enters this circle is cursed with my blood, and shall be dead before the final days of Sageeth". Sageeth was the name the Kawatche used to refer to Lex Luthor.

Jeremiah's words were shocking to Tina. She dropped him.

Jeremiah laughed and laughed. His laughter rang in Tina's ears as she slowly walked away..