After the death of Van McNulty Tina Greer, the head of Lex's Legion and commander of the Vanguard, decreed that any Legion member who abandoned their post would be punished by death.

Over the years the Legion had become more and more cult-like under Tina's rule. For Mikail Mxyzptlk, the commander of the Legion's rearguard, this decree was the last straw. A civil war erupted in the Legion between Mxyzptlk and Tina Greer. Most of the Rearguard supported Mxyzptlk, while most of the Vanguard supported Tina.

Mxyzptlk struck a powerful plow with help from Molly Griggs. Molly Griggs was able to weaken most of the Vanguard using the technology she had developed for Lex Luthor to maintain control over the Legion.

The Rearguard fought the Vanguard back, forcing them into hiding, but were unable to achieve a complete victory by killing Tina Greer. Mxyzptlk's rearguard spent months searching for her. Both factions often changed location to avoid detection.

One day Tina Greer received intelligence of the Rearguard's current location. Using her shape-shifting abilities Tina was able to infiltrate their compound, bypassing Molly Griggs' security protocols. Before she was discovered, Tina managed to kill Molly Griggs along with several of her agents. Tina was able to escape with help from Sinestro who lifted her in the air and flew away.

After the death of Molly Griggs the Vanguard were able to undo the changes Molly had made to their power inhibitor devices. Together they prepared for a decisive strike against the Rearguard.

Realizing the futility of their situation, many of the Rearguard returned to Tina Greer and begged for her forgiveness.

Mxyzptlk, although very powerful, having complete control over anyone within sound range, was outnumbered. He fought bravely, but as he lost more and more of his allies he was forced into hiding.
(characters from left to right: Molly Griggs from 'Delete', Mikail Mxyzptlk from 'Jinx', Tobias Rice from 'Freak')