A once arrogant phantom comes to respect Tina Greer as the head of Lex’s special operatives, after Dr. Helen Bryce and Molly Griggs implant a device which allows Tina to control the amount of blue-kryptonite in his bloodstream. Tina taunts the phantom, giving him the nickname ‘Bizarro’.



·        Tina Greer is the ‘princess’ of the Legion of Doom, who stands out with her green border.

·        Lex's Legion is all about injustice--the exact opposite of the Justice League. It's members aren't considered as equal, instead they're more separated into ranks.

·        Molly Griggs smiles as Tina taunts Bizarro, hoping that Tina will look favorably on her.Dr. Helen Bryce isn't valued as much as Molly by Tina, and looks away in disgust, and maybe also with some envy.

·        Mxyzptlk dismisses Bizarro's pain, seeing it as inevitable. Mxyzptlk feels that the only thing anybody can do is look out for themselves.