Tina Greer vs. the Hand of Vengeance, second collage:

Tina and her operatives narrowed the location of Lana Lang's vigilantes to the area of

the Kawatche Indian reservation outside of Smallville. Since Luthorcorp had been

unable to scan the area because of jamming devices Tina asked Lex to allow her go

in undercover to determine the exact location. Lex was reluctant to risk his most

valuable operative, but he reluctantly agreed to her plan knowing better than to

argue with her once she made up her mind. 


Tina was making her way through the dark Kawatche forest when she stumbled into

the midst of a pack of skinwalkers. Never having seen a skinwalker before, she

screamed in horror. 


The skinwalkers were members of the Kawatche tribe. They recognized Tina

immediately as an agent of Sageeth, their name for Lex Luthor. Upon spotting her

weapons they hurled themselves through the air at her. One of them snatched her

rifle. Another snatched her sword. The only weapons Tina had left were two daggers,

but it wasn't long before those were taken also.


The skinwalkers surrounded Tina and growled furiously. Finally, one of them jumped

at her neck. Tina caught the skinwalker in mid-air and flung it into the darkness. The

others attacked her in a mad fury. 


Tina fought them tooth and nail. She struck out in all directions at them with

powerful blows. Unable to counter her superhuman strength they piled themselves

on top her in an effort to keep her down. But soon they found that was impossible.

She got up over and over again. 


Tina managed to fight them off eventually, yet she had lost a lot of blood in the fray.

She was light-headed. Unable to call for help because of signal jamming devices in

the area, she slowly began to make her way back the way she came.