Tina Greer vs. the Hand of Vengeance, third collage:

Tina managed to fight off the skinwalkers eventually, yet she had lost a lot of blood in the fray and was light-headed. Unable to call for help because of signal jamming devices in the area, she slowly began to make her way back the way she came. But eventually she could walk no longer. She sat down and leaned against a tree.

A bright light appeared in the distance. Tina could see a person within the light. It was Lana Lang. She looked like an angel to Tina.

Tina thought back to her high school years. She remembered how much she loved Lana. She wondered whatever happened that caused them to hate each other so much and what her life might have been like if they had remained friends.

Tina spotted Lex beside Lana in the distance. Lex reminded her of her father. Her father died when she was very young, but she still remembered what a happy family they had been before he passed away. She recalled the beautiful mansion they lived in, and how sad she and her mother had been when they could no longer afford to make mortgage payments. They had to sell some of their most precious belongings to make ends meet. She wished she could see her father again and tell him how much she missed him.

Tina lost consciousness. Lana ordered her followers to tend to Tina's wounds. When they were done Lana told Lex to take Tina and leave immediately, and that she expected to see Emily Dinsmore very soon.

Lex picked up Tina in his arms. He carried her beyond Lana's most powerful guardians to a nearby dirt road where he had personally organized a camp to provide her with the best medical treatment that money could buy.