‘Sword of the Vanguard
Lois Lane, writing for the Inquisitor:
It's been a grim two weeks for the Justice League. While less than a year
ago the League had seen many victories over their adversaries, groups
rumored to be Lex Luthor's secret operatives and also radicals calling
themselves the 'Hand of Vengeance', the League has recently experienced some
major setbacks.

While having a great deal of success in open combat, the League appears to
lack the ability to deter Lex's more cunning operatives. The recent failure
of the League to thwart the assassination of a second member of the Federal
Reserve Board of Governers has dampened their popular support.

It's rumored that the person behind these assassinations is a metahuman
woman having superhuman strength and the ability to change her face and body
to resemble almost anyone. It's said among metahumans that she may be Lex's
most cunning assassin and that she is untraceable and, in light of recent
events, unstoppable.

It's also believed by many metahumans that the League's only hope for the
time being is the chance that there could be an internal struggle among
Lex's secret operatives, or that one of Lex's operatives might fall out of
favor with him and choose to defect to the Justice League, bringing with him
information that could help the league to stop the next attack. But in light
of the success of the recent assassinations this possibility seems more
unlikely than ever.