After Tina and Clark's fight behind the Talon Clark called the police to report

a dead body. The police arrived in about ten minutes and Clark walked them over

to where he last saw Tina. Clark was shocked to find that the body was gone.

After some questioning from the police Clark met up with Lana.


Lana, who was still crying, asked Clark if he was sure that Tina was dead. Clark

lied to Lana, who had been in a fragile state, and told her that he believed

that she was. After comforting her he told her that he would call Lex and tell

him what happened.


Clark reached Lex at his mansion and told him about the fight and how Tina's

body disappeared. He also told him about Lana's situation. Lex assured Clark not

to worry, and that everything would be taken care of.


For the first time in his life Clark was not concerned about Lex's extreme

methods, and he thanked him for his help.