Tina Greer vs. the Hand of Vengeance, first collage:

The doctors at Belle Reve Sanitarium determine that although Emily Dinsmore's mind

is still developing, and somewhat child-like, she no longer poses a threat to society.

Emily is released from Belle Reve Sanitarium. 


Lana Lang, now the leader of a vigilante group known as the Hand of Vengeance and

going by the alias Star Sapphire, learns that Emily has been released into the

custody of Luthorcorp, and that she has already begun training to be part of Lex's

elite task force, a group more commonly known as the Legion of Doom.


Luthorcorp facilities go up in flames. Unwilling to sacrifice anything more for the

questionable benefits that Emily Dinsmore might provide for Luthorcorp, Lex decides

that he will hand Emily over to Lana Lang.


But Tina Greer, the head of Lex's elite task force and commander of project

Vanguard (a group responsible for identifying and eliminating threats to Luthorcorp)

challenges Lex's decision. She tells him that as the head of the Vanguard it is her

responsibility to identify and eliminate this threat, and that she should be allowed to

do her job. 


Lex listens to Tina's proposal. Tina tells him that she and her operatives have

narrowed the location of Lana's base of operations to the area of the Kawatche

Indian reservation outside of Smallville. Since Luthorcorp has been unable to scan

the area because of jamming devices Tina asks Lex to allow her go in undercover to

determine the exact location of their facility herself. 


Lex is reluctant to risk his most valued operative, but he reluctantly agrees to her


knowing better than to argue with Tina once she makes up her mind.