Victor Stone accompanied Lana Lang to Macau, China, forgoing his training at the Shaolin temple so that he could use his bionic abilities to repair a device--a device he was told had the potential to save countless lives.

When Victor arrived in
Macau, Lana revealed to him that Arthur Curry had also been working with her, and that he had recently been seriously injured.

Victor later learned that Lana and her associates drugged Arthur, and brainwashed him so he would work for them. He also learned that Lana also planned to use the device to bring back the dead.

Victor refused to help them.

Kevin Grady stepped forward. He lifted up his hand. A green light emanated from him and surrounded Victor. From Kevin's facial expression Victor determined that Kevin was trying to hypnotize him.

Kevin's mind powers had no effect.

Victor grabbed Kevin's hand with his right arm, immobilizing him. With his left leg he swept under Kevin, causing him to fall down, unconscious. He then stepped back.

Byron Moore jumped at him like a lion. Victor moved to the side, grabbed Byron's coat, and directed the brunt of Byron's attack into the stone floor. Byron was also unconscious.

Lana was shocked. She rummaged through her coat, looking for her Zamaron power-ring.

Believing that Lana was reaching for a weapon Victor leaped through the air with a jump kick and knocked her onto the hard floor.

As he landed Victor turned and saw Chloe Sullivan standing just a few feet away from him.

Her face was as white as a ghost. She was very frightened, and gave a blank stare. Chloe slowly backed away into a corner and sat down.

Victor walked over to where Arthur had been lying. He removed an IV from Arthur's arm that was being used to drug him. After a few moments Arthur woke up.

He was groggy, and had trouble remembering where he was. Together they walked outside to safety.