After escaping from Lana's compound in Macau, China, Victor Stone and Arthur Curry made their way to the city's airport and chartered a private plane. They flew to Arthur's estate on the island of Jeju, South Korea.

There Arthur rested and regained his strength. While he rested Victor sat outside and stared out at the ocean around
Jeju Island. The weather was stormy. The waves crashed over the rocky coastline.

When Arthur woke he approached Victor. He apologized for his carelessness that lead to the destruction of the Edge gang and the Metropolis Children's Hospital.

In response Victor said to Arthur "You're my brother. We'll bear this guilt together, like brothers."

Arthur sighed and sat down beside Victor. "I'm starting to remember what happened back there in Lana's hideout. After you left Metropolis I never thought you'd use your power again", he said.

Victor replied "I didn't use my power against Lana's gang. I used kung fu."

"Kung fu?", Arthur asked.

"Yeah", Victor said. "I can't return to my Shaolin temple now, but someday I'm going to complete my training. I'll never need to use my powers again. Nobody will ever get hurt again."

Arthur asked, "What do we do now?"

Victor said, "We go to Smallville and tell
Clark about Lana, then we go back to Metropolis and turn ourselves in. My Green Arrow days are over."

"Alright", Arthur replied. "We turn ourselves in."

Together they stared out at the waves.