Oliver Queen's gang had degenerated into mindless brutality. What had started out with good intentions eventually led to abuses of justice. This change happened over time as some members of Oliver's gang, including Helena Bertinelli, 'Black' Canary, and Arthur Curry, became frustrated with the criminal justice system and decided to take the law into their own hands. Because of their harsh methods the press dubbed the group the 'Agents of Justice'.

While the "agents" had originally sought to contain gang violence in Metropolis, they eventually began a strategy of pitting one gang against another, seeking to wipe them out entirely. Oliver's gang was outnumbered, and would attack in mostly hit-and-run skirmishes. They survived on adrenaline and hate. But over time took its toll, eating away at them. Every day a part of their souls faded away.

This change in methodology caused a fracture in the group. The most outspoken critic of these changes was Jordan Cross.
Jordan's concerns were soon echoed by Kyle Tippet, and finally with Bart Allen. Together they decided that they couldn't fight crime while breaking the law. They felt that they could only make a difference if they themselves exemplified justice. They left the group to start a new one with Clark Kent, in Lowell County, which they named the Justice League.

Victor Stone was deeply concerned with the drastic measures the group would sometimes take in deterring crime in Metropolis. Yet he also believed that a split would destroy everything they had achieved as a group. He regretfully decided to support Oliver.

The most zealous member of the gang was Helena Bertinelli, who had become known in Metropolis as the Huntress. Black Canary continued mostly out of loyalty to her friends, although she had eventually come to regret the path she had chosen. Green Arrow was torn between the two of them. He was either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the guilt he felt for his part in violence that led to numerous deaths, deaths of people who were both guilty and innocent. He was a shell of the man he had once been. He hid his face beneath his dark goggles and hood. His clothes were tattered and he neglected to shave.

One day Arthur Curry, Victor's best friend, confessed to Victor that he had leaked information about the whereabouts of the Edge gang's hideout to Lucas Luthor, someone he had met a long time ago while gambling in
Edge City. It wasn't long before Lucas's gambling debts caught up with him again and he sold the information to Lex. Lex ordered his Legion to wipe out the Edge Gang, and then to plant explosives at their hideout after the job was done. The explosion caused a fire that destroyed several surrounding buildings, including a children's hospital.

This revelation was too much for Victor. He hated himself for the violence and destruction he caused as a member of Oliver's gang. He was slowly becoming less and less human, and more like a machine.

While Victor had once thought of his bionic implants as a blessing he now saw them as a curse. He swore that he would never cause anyone pain. With a thought he disabled the superhuman strength from his bionic implants, vowing to never use it again. He said a few words to Oliver and then left the Agents of Justice, planning to never return.

Victor thought back to the time when he has a young, hyperactive child who's misbehavior got him into trouble so many times with his teachers. But one day his parents took him to a school that taught Shaolin kung fu. At his school Victor learned discipline, respect for himself and others, patience, and to be humble, even in victory. Before the car accident that changed his life forever Victor had become a proficient teacher of kung fu, and had been invited to travel to
China to train with the masters.

Victor decided that he would return to his school in Metropolis, where he had always been welcome to teach. And after a few months he accepted an invitation to