False Prophet

Victor Stone accompanied Lana Lang to Macau, China, forgoing his training at the Shaolin temple so that he could use his bionic abilities to repair a device--a device that might have the potential to save countless lives.

When Victor arrived in
Macau, Lana revealed to him that Arthur Curry had also been working with her, and that he had recently been seriously injured.

Arthur was scouring the waters around
Macau looking for clues that might help them use the device. One day he was hit by a missile from a submarine. When Lana found Arthur he was unconscious and barely breathing. Victor walked over to where Arthur was lying down. Lana told him that Arthur was given drugs for the pain, and the drugs caused him to sleep most of the time. Victor was sad to see his best friend injured, but was hopeful that he would get better.

Lana walked Victor over to the device she had described to him. She handed it to Victor. Using an interface embedded in his fingers Victor was able to send and receive messages from the device.

He learned from the device that it was able to see and hear them. The device also told him that it was able to decipher their language.

It told Victor it learned that Lana had drugged Arthur and taken him here against his will. It also told him that Kevin Grady had used his mental powers to persuade Arthur to continue searching the waters, waters that were frequently patrolled by submarines.

Victor couldn't believe his ears. He repeated to Lana what the device told him and asked her if it was true.

In a fit of rage Lana grabbed the device from Victor and threw it on the ground. Victor stepped back and stared at her in shock.

Lana calmed herself. She explained to Victor that they had drugged Arthur, and brainwashed him so he would work for him.

Victor was stunned. "Why?!" he asked. "Why would you do this?!"

Lana explained to Victor that Arthur was a killer. She told him that Arthur had been the informant who revealed to Lucas Luthor, brother of Lex Luthor, the location of the Edge gang's hideout in Metropolis, and also told him about the explosion afterward that lead to the destruction of the Metropolis Children's Hospital.

Victor explained to Lana that Arthur was drinking at the time, and never intended to say anything to Lucas, and that he had always been a good friend.

Hearing this from Victor made Lana angry again. She told Victor that Arthur was a freak. She explained how the meteor freaks from Smallville that did nothing but cause pain and destruction. Lana said that she had been generous in allowing Arthur to live.

Victor was puzzled. Lana had told him earlier that Byron Moore, Kevin Grady and Chloe Sullivan were all meteor-infected. He asked her if they brainwashed also.

Lana explained that Kevin, Byron and Chloe had been the victims of human experimentation, both from the Summerholt Institute and from Luthorcorp, and that they were now dedicated to the destruction of those organizations. She also told him that she had been the victim of experimentation herself, by both Luthorcorp and by Jor-El, a Kryptonian.

She walked toward Victor and took his hand. She told Victor that he was one of them. Victor had also been the victim of human experimentation.

Lana repeated the seriousness of their mission. "This device might even be able to bring back the dead", she said. "My family died a long time ago, but one day your family might live again". She asked Victor one more time if he would help them.

Victor was disgusted that Lana would want to use the device to bring back the dead. He refused.