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·         Exercise

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·         Muscle Tension

·         Nutrition

·         Posture

·         Sensory Processing

·         Sleep

·         Other Suggestions


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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?





·          I have more notes than I can publish at the moment. So, instead of leaving you in the dark until I do publish them, I’ve decided to post them here.

·          Notes will be removed when they become moot.



Using eye dominance to affect ear dominance (vision is the supreme sense)


Depression: dehydration


Move immobility to vision page or ocular motility section


Stats on how lack of aerobic exercise affects breathing, vital capacity


Arrhythmia, dysrhythmia


Myopia: accommodative fatigue, spatial vision, neuropsychology, orienting response


Melanin exhaustion?


Eyes in orbit? (auditory location)


Self-esteem: Sample affirmations


Salt affects serotonin levels?




Allergies: foods we crave (because of serotonin?)


CFS: dehydration, breathing

Breathing: rounded shoulders


Tips for creating a hypoallergenic bedroom


Posture: general tips:

Sit up straight

Sinking seat cushions are bad

Okay to change posture occasionally—prevents static posture


Covering one eye decreases melanin in that eye and exacerbates photoreception and vision enhancement? Other eye improves?


Why take breaks during palming? Improves accommodation?


TV audio settings for people with hyperacusis

No treble?


Dehydration: diabetes


Immune system: gingivitis

Brush 3 times a day?



Batmanghelidj’s opinion of rehydration drinks?


Accommodation and blinking/breathing


Hyperacusis: use graphic equalizer to determine which ranges cause sensitivity? Use a graphic equalizer with more, smaller ranges?


Recommend 800x600 mode, smaller fonts to improve accommodation?  (small objects)


Harder to swallow when dehydrated? A signal?


auditory localization : Laterality, binaural unmasking, cocktail party effect


Short wavelength of solar spectrum includes UV? (melanin)


Zinc (antioxidant) and Alzheimers


Can PC noise cause high-frequency hearing loss?


Chlorine levels in small/medium-sized towns is significant? Use a shower filter? Dehydration?


New section: preserving laterality

Chewing side preference, arm tension and leg tension as indicators of laterality problems such as mixed ear or mixed eye dominance,



SMR and convergence, lack of convergence?


Deep pressure and endorphins?


Salt is really an antihistamine or does it only break up mucus? (Batmanghelidj)


Mozart effect: specially filtered music (removing lower frequencies, bass)


Move ‘light sensitivity’ to vision page; not all light sensitivity is caused by binocular dysfunction


Mozart effect: consider: hypersensitive

*add link to pink noise: treble and bass


Slouching and muscular imbalance between abdominals and lower back


High-frequency hearing loss, hyperacusis


More information about conductive hearing loss


Auditory localization: cocktail party effect


More information about macular degeneration




Light-headed from breathing too quickly (breathing exercises)


Myopia improves auditory localization


Oculomotor function improves auditory localization?


Mobility: muscle tension


Breathing exercises vs. aerobic exercise (mood)


The IC and blood flow, metabolism


Rapid blinks: two seconds between blinks seems too long; encourages eyestrain?


Turning off radio while driving encourages vision, accommodation


Unilateral earplugging and conductive hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss causes/exacerbates hyperacusis


Dehydration affects blink rate? (water rationing)


Syntonics and ocular motility?


Straining is kind of like a convergence exercise, but no accommodation?


Immune system: dehydration, gingivitis, CFIDS


Antioxidants: melanin, melatonin


Blinking and conjunctivitis, dry eye


Breathing: SIS (vital capacity), CFS (lungs), FMQ, dehydration, mobility, motility, immobility


Breathing and detoxification? Negative ions, SIS


Lack of sleep and conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis from dehydration and histamine?


Dehydration: tips

Page 157 of book

Drink glass of water when you wake up? breathing

Salt: mucus


Benefits of SMR and immobility vs. benefits of mobility, ocular motility

Short periods of SMR?

Too much SMR

Batmanghelidj: allowing yourself to become thirsty

Excess of endorphins and a lack of SMR?


Voluntary vs. involuntary breathing, blinking



Tai chi and the scaleni, sunning exercise


Rename section ‘too much lateralisation’ to ‘too much/too little’ lateralisation


High frequency hearing loss and hyperacusis


Laterality->integration, binocular functions


Dynamic range and commercials


Check ear dominance every morning?


People with adrenal fatigue should avoid spicy foods?


Hyperacusis: things to consider:

Mozart effect

Low frequency noise

Pc noises


Hyperacusis: Increase treble of pink noise at one ear and decrease sensitivity to high frequencies?

Increase bass of pink noise at other ear and increase sensitivity to high frequencies?


Overproduction of histamine because of dehydration can cause eye discharge?


Diameter and depth of suppression


More likely to slouch if chair is too low?


Binocular functions, integration, occipital lobes


Myopes are more accurate at localizing sounds than normal-sighted subjects


Hyperacusis: important to process pink/white noise on a subconscious level (barely audible) instead of processing disturbing sounds on a subconscious level (auditory shut-down)


Hyperacusis: move section ‘auditory shut-down’ to a separate topic


Bad idea to twist neck quickly? More information about dehydration and neck pain (Batmanghelidj book)


New topic: sleep deficit


Allergies may be exacerbated by melatonin supplements or natural melatonin?


New topic: Tryptophan


More information about melanin and vision enhancement, photoreception



Tight shoelaces and foot dominance, proprioception

Walking improves foot proprioception?


Bronchitis and dehydration


Sagging mattress and leg tension


Quadricep weakness, muscular imbalance, leg tension, problem extending lower leg.


CI program: stereoscopic sound? Posted on hyperacusis web site?


Fibromyalgia: tight socks and proprioception


Nutrition: new topic—Nutrient pathway, scalene muscles (scaleni), TOS


Palming: aversive behaviors

*light increases serotonin, adrenaline


Hot bath/shower decreases circulation in people with diabetes?


An increase in breathing, when palming, indicates an increase in alpha or melatonin?


Hypoglycemia, serotonin, and light sensitivity


‘hitchhiker’ exercise causes axial extension?



Pattern recognition and boredome, repetive tasks


What is plasticity of the brain?


Salty foods: some cold cuts, bread


What distance is the limit of near convergence?


Visual shutdown? Visual shutdown == CI? Compare with auditory shutdown


Sensory book: effects of sensory overload—adrenaline, neurotransmitters


Light sensitivity: exposure to light causes afterglow on retina?


Uses of ‘turning head’ stretch vs. trapezius stretch


How much bass or treble are in a healthy person’s voice?

A person can only reproduce noises that they are able to hear)




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