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Air Conditioning

"Al Stanford, owner of Heavenly Air Care in New Castle, knows first hand the value of keeping your house mold and dust free during the summer months. "We have many clients who never experienced allergies until recently and who haven't had their ducts cleaned in many years either," Stanford said. "Keeping your air conditioning system clean provides many health benefits as well as increasing the life expectancy of your unit," Stanford added.

Getting your ducts cleaned can help rid your house of dust, dirt and contaminates that can lead to breathing problems and allergies, Stanford explained. Add to that the advantage of a more efficient cooling and heating system when the ducts are clean and protecting your valuables from mold and mildew and it seems like a simple solution to try, Stanford suggested."

The News Journal: Beware of Summer Health Hazards



Cabin Air Filters


"A filter, used to clean incoming air for the car's HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] system. Introduced in European vehicles, cabin air filters are now becoming common on more domestic and Asian makes and models."

Car Care Council: Climate Control: Cabin Air Filter



"The cabin air filter helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust, and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle's ventilation system, making the interior of the car a healthier place."

Car Care Council: Climate Control: Cabin Air Filter


Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

"Cabin air filters should be replaced according to owners' manual guidelines, usually every 15,000 miles. It's not uncommon, however, for cabin air filter replacement to be overlooked in the owner's manual. Do not try to clean this filter and reinstall it. For best results, consult filter manufacturer application charts to see if your car is listed. Most filters are accessible through an access panel in the HVAC housing, which may be under the hood or in the interior of the car. Some filters require basic hand tools to remove and install the filter; others just require your hands. If neglected, a restricted cabin air filter can impair airflow in the HVAC system, possibly causing interior heating and cooling problems."

Car Care Council: Climate Control: Cabin Air Filter


Humidifiers and  Vaporizers

What are Humidifiers and Vaporizers?

"Humidifiers and vaporizers add moisture to the air, making it less drying to your mouth, throat, and nose. A humidifier produces a cool mist, and a vaporizer puts out hot steam.

WebMD: Humidifier and Vaporizer




"Cool mist from a humidifier may be more comfortable to breathe than hot steam.

However, humidifiers are


          produce particles that may be irritating to some people, and

          need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. This is especially important for people who have mold allergies."

WebMD: Humidifier and Vaporizer



"A vaporizer's hot steam does not contain any irritating particles, and you can add medications such as Vicks VapoRub to ease breathing. Steam may feel good when you have a cold, but the hot water can burn anyone who overturns or gets too close to the vaporizer."

WebMD: Humidifier and Vaporizer


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Screen Filters

LCD vs. CRT Monitors

"The two main alternatives to CRT-based monitors are Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Active Matrix Display (which is an advanced form of LCD. LCDs have much lower current requirements and emit much weaker electromagnetic fields than CRTs. Up until recently, LCD have had the disadvantage that they produce lower quality visual images than CRTs. However, the modern generation of LCDs, particular active matrix displays, are being produced with better and better visual characteristics. Most lap-top computers rely on LCD technology and ferroelectric liquid crystals displays are being developed which promise lighter, brighter displays with less of the problems of poor contrast experienced by users of some currently available LCDs."

London Hazards Centre: VDU Work and the Hazards to Health: Chapter 7


Things to Consider

Low Radiation Monitors

"Some manufacturers make low radiation monitors and some make monitors that are badged as low radiation but not. Generally, the better brands can make a true low radiation monitor that reduces radiation to within the guidelines of MPR2 or TCO. We suggest you ask for a copy of their certification and then make certain the model, that was certified, is the same as you are purchasing."

Nubridge Company Ltd.: Filter FAQ


"Placing a conductive screen filter on a low radiation monitor will further reduce the radiation emitted, eliminate any residual static field, and improve the contrast and viewing comfort."

Nubridge Company Ltd.: Filter FAQ


Not all Screen Filters are the Same

"Screen filters with a conductive layer [e.g. mesh filters] can, if properly grounded, drain away the static field in front of the monitor, thereby preventing static shock, reducing dust circulation, and also substantially reduce the electric field (E-field) component of radiation that impinges upon the user."

Nubridge Company Ltd.: Filter FAQ


Things to Avoid

"Some manufacturers state their filters reduce electromagnetic radiation when they should be stating the filter reduces E-field radiation. Others are simply misleading the customer."

Nubridge Company Ltd.: Filter FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

          Nubridge Company Ltd.: Filter FAQ



If you're considering buying a screen filter, some of the features you want to look for are 'static' (antistatic), 'radiation' (antiradiation, electric field radiation), and 'ground' (ground wire).


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