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·         Arousal

·         The Brain

·         Exercise

·         Indoor Air Pollution

·         Muscle Tension

·         Nutrition

·         Posture

·         Sensory Processing

·         Sleep

·         Other Suggestions


Research Topics


My Theories

Former Theories



The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?





·          I have more notes than I can publish at the moment. So, instead of leaving you in the dark until I do publish them, I’ve decided to post them here.

·          Notes will be removed when they become moot.



Color Temperature

*Study: Effects of color temperature’s in moderately cold environments

*Terminology (e.g. D65 means 6500 degrees Kelvin)

*Difficulty accommodating in environments with lots of blue light; better idea to choose darker, less-reflective accommodative targets



*Version of PowerStrip from is not version 3.56 (even though it said it was). It’s the newer version 3.58


Leg tension

A relationship between lumbar lordosis and leg tension?


Ear dominance:

*Listening to music only (no singing) with subdominant ear is not bad for ear dominance? (subdominant brain processes music—sensory book)

*People whose language center (brain) is located in their subdominant hemisphere should not try to correct ear dominance by listening to speech?



*Problems running on some HP computers with McAfee Virusscan and Windows XP:

Use ‘Optimize Memory’ program (free) (don’t install the toolbar--spyware)


The following exercises are ineffective unless done for at least five seconds?


*shoulder shrugs

*shoulder retractions, hitchhiker exercise

Important to stop exercising if painful


Color temperature vs. luminescence

*overcast days: higher color temperature, less luminescence?

*sunny days: somewhat lower color temperature, more luminescence?

Similar effects?


Blue light: Effects

“Although the laboratory studies on animals seem nearly unanimous, the real world studies on people have produced conflicting results.

·          Some studies positively link macular degeneration with any kind of light exposure,

·          Other studies have found a weak correlation between macular degeneration and blue light exposure, and

·          Yet a third group of studies has found no correlation at all between macular degeneration and sunlight.

One Australian study concluded that the problem is not total sun exposure, but exactly how sensitive you are to the sun.

It hypothesized that

·          people who have plenty of melanin and don't tend to burn easily are at less risk for macular degeneration than

·          people who burn easily or are bothered by sun glare.

·          This study also concluded that people with blue irises are at increased risk for ARMD [age-related macular degeneration].

These results, which have not been replicated or confirmed, do not allow me to state absolutely that blue light contributes to the development of macular degeneration, but it is certainly plausible. Based on the possible benefit, I recommend wearing blue blockers, especially if you have fair skin [some connection between macular degeneration and hypovolemia?] and blue or light-colored eyes, if you have any other risk factors, or if you spend lots of time in bright sunlight, or on water, sand, or snow, which reflects sunlight. Alternatively, wear a sun visor when you are outside.”


Blue Light and Detoxification:

“In many primate studies, blue light has been shown to cause a photochemical reaction that produces free radicals in the RPE and the rods and cones. Researchers believe that these free radicals [theoretical] interact with the high oxygen and lipid content in human rod and cone tips to produce abnormal chunks of metabolized waste that cannot be properly processed by the RPE, clogging up the macula's maintenance system and producing dry macular degeneration.”


Blue-blocking glasses vs. Black Sunglasses

*“Blue blockers [glasses that reflect blue light] do not act like regular sunglasses. They appear tinted, but they do not reduce overall light or make the world look darker.”

*“The warmth of the sun and the therapeutic properties of its rays also have a profound and beneficial effect on the health of the eyes and on the ability to relax them (Page 49)."

     Book: Barnes, Jonathan. Improve Your Eyesight: A Guide to the Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses. Souvenir Press, 1999.

*Driving glasses


Computer glasses

*Confusion about the word ‘non-prescription’:

·          Some people may use the word ‘non-prescription’ to refer to glasses that are not corrective lenses,

·          Others may use the word ‘non-prescription’ to refer to reading glasses that can be bought over the counter


Low blood volume

*Blood tends to pool in the legs and feet:

**Hopping exercise (correcting foot dominance) can exacerbate this condition?



Change sitting position slightly after each palming exercise? (reduce static posture)



*Changing video settings from within a DOS/console mode application eliminates Powerstrip’s application profile settings?

*If the brightness control of your monitor is limited, you may be able to use PowerStrip to lower the brightness even further (color profiles menu)



*Stretching the adductors  and meditation; meditation and alpha-theta brainwaves

*Stretching the adductors reduces pressure on the femoral (upper leg) artery? Increases blood flow to the brain?



Reducing sock elasticity:

*Unconfirmed tips

**Several washes in very hot water and detergent, each followed by drying at high heat (not to be done with cotton socks—cotton will shrink)



Taking antacids/calcium supplements before bed makes you more dehydrated in the morning?



*USP has different standards (e.g. a vitamin may meet USP potency standards but not USP dissolution standards)


Eye exercises


**Combine blinking and breathing exercise with viewing stereograms?

**Combine blinking and breathing exercise with distance viewing?



*add link to section ‘Water’

**Taking a multivitamin supplement is recommended when drinking more water, in order to replace water-soluble vitamins that are lost


Keeping a Checklist

*Backsliding: Vitamins

**Most multivitamin tablets need to be taken with a meal

**Don’t have to take multivitamins in the morning with breakfast


Ice-cold water:

**temperature of ice cold water is 0 degrees Celsius?

**might damage stomach lining (Mercola)

 **recommended by Batmanghelidj for reducing cravings (‘ice water’)

*shocks your system

*causes throat pain?



*PowerStrip slows down HP Compaq computers? Is there a conflict with setrefresh.exe?

*Can PowerStrip be used with DOS/console programs that are on a network?

*How do you use PowerStrip with MS-DOS prompt? (COM, PIF extensions)

*Video applications (e.g. Windows Media Player) need to bet associated with PowerStrip?


Color temperature:

*Luminescence vs. color temperature (study)

*Increasing core temperature temporarily reduces tactile hypersensitivity, but also causes insomnia?

*Increasing core temperature temporarily increases SMR, but also causes insomnia?

*Things to consider:

**wearing tinted glasses under fluorescent lights; **wearing tinted glasses even on overcast days;

**add link to section tinted glasses: things to consider

*Affects flicker (refresh rate)?

*Relationship between dehydration and an increase in urinary melatonin excretion?

**Decreased thirst sensation is the body’s way of limiting melatonin excretion?

*Reducing color temperature also reduces UV, HEV, radiation? (Wikipedia)

*melatonin suppression, overproduction of serotonin, and SAD, circadian rhythms

*add link to section: light sensitivity: tinted glasses

*add a ‘recommendations’ section (based on studies)



Compare bluer fluorescent lights to other fluorescent lights


Monitor settings:



Eye exercise: Covering one eye while looking into the distance

*Covering one eye while looking at objects up close is also helpful? (accommodation, small objects)


Multivitamin tablets:

*Lack of dissolution because of calcium source

**Compare different sources of calcium



Add information about car seat cushions, chair cushions



*Highway hypnosis:

**Immobility, lack of accommodation leads to problems with ocular motility, scanning

*Eye exercises for improving accommodation:

**focus on an object in the distance while walking across a room

**playing darts? Playing billiards, pool, snooker?


Leg tension:

Hamstrings compensate for weak abs by pulling the body forward? Lordosis?



Bates Method:

Breathing and blinking exercise is always done with eyes closed while breathing?


Keeping a checklist


**Product specs

***EPF rating of glasses



Checking your posture: shoulder shrugs


Tactile hypersensitivity


*chemical sensitivity



Keeping a check list

Backsliding: Salt: Too Much Salt


Why should people with electrical sensitivity avoid wearing metallic items?


Video games stimulate hand-eye coordination?

*wrong hand?

*wrong eye?



Take breaks between each palming exercise?

Taking breaks prevents a negative impact on proprioception around the eyes?


Keeping a checklist:

Checking progress





Core muscles (abs, legs, lower back--adductors?)


Lighting Conditions, Sunning Exercise

·          Fear and avoidance of light is a general cause/aggravator of vision problems.

·          Natural sunlight is of benefit to the eyes. Excessive indoor work, particularly under fluorescent lights deprives the eye of a full range of frequencies [too much blue light?] and we find in people with sight problems an unnatural sensitivity to light.

·          Bates claimed that adverse lighting conditions are of benefit to the eyes. The trouble comes not from the adverse conditions themselves, but the strain that such conditions induce in a person who does not possess central fixation [people with accommodative insufficiency].

     Exposing the eyes to a variety of conditions is a necessity for optimal function. Even occasionally reading in dim light can be of benefit, training and extending the mental act of borderline perception. Keep in mind that you need to strike a balance between exercise and rest.”

Natural Vision Improvement Frequently Asked Questions V1.1


Light sensitivity

*tinted glasses: epf rating vs. darkness of tint

**macular degeneration and light sensitivity


Blue light

*color temperature (TVs, monitors)

*color control feature (monitors)


“According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, when you eat too much salt, without enough water,

·          your body feels thirsty,

·          but since the brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst, you eat.

·         If you eat salty foods [instead of drinking water] (yummy chips, fries, margaritas), then you are further dehydrated and your brain sends more hunger/thirst signals.” Forums: Master Cleanse # 5 [Archive]: Salt makes you fat? 


Organized religion


**closing eyes (increases alpha waves)

**reading out loud with other people (frontal lobes)

**interlocking one’s hands (increases alpha waves, improves tactile hypersensitivity)

**high-frequency music (compare traditional church music with more contemporary church music; latin speech)

*Things to Consider

**possibility of sensory overload, problems with proprioception

**people who have a dependence on adrenaline may avoid organized religion




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