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·         Arousal

·         The Brain

·         Exercise

·         Indoor Air Pollution

·         Muscle Tension

·         Nutrition

·         Posture

·         Sensory Processing

·         Sleep

·         Other Suggestions


Research Topics


My Theories

Former Theories



The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?





·          I have more notes than I can publish at the moment. So, instead of leaving you in the dark until I do publish them, I’ve decided to post them here.

·          Notes will be removed when they become moot.





Add information about overactive bladder, incontinence



Bates’ ‘swinging’ exercise, which improves mobility, also improves the ability of the eyes to eliminate toxins?

Blue Light and Detoxification:

“In many primate studies, blue light has been shown to cause a photochemical reaction that produces free radicals in the RPE and the rods and cones. Researchers believe that these free radicals [theoretical] interact with the high oxygen and lipid content in human rod and cone tips to produce abnormal chunks of metabolized waste that cannot be properly processed by the RPE, clogging up the macula's maintenance system and producing dry macular degeneration.”



*anti-glare (lets more light through) vs. tinted glasses; anti-glare and tinted glasses




Methods of improving respiration

*breathing exercises

*aerobic exercise

*reducing stress, increasing alpha waves (e.g. Bates’ palming, swinging exercises)

*treating chronic dehydration; histamine and the water rationing system



*advantages of sitting in the cross legged (Burmese) position

*add link to section Posture: Weak Glutes


Bates Method:

Eystrain from ‘trying to see’

*corrective lenses

*glare, dark sunglasses

*meditation, visualization mistakes

*fatigue, light sensitivity

*laterality, amblyopia

*eye contact, convergence insufficiency

*vision and proprioception


Slow breathing exercise

*reduces hyperactivity

*reduces muscle tension


**extraocular (eye muscles)



Winged Scapula

If stretching the lat muscle of arm with winged scapula condition, want to also stretch other side to avoid laterality issues


Adrenaline Addiction

*adrenaline test




Meditation sitting posture improves foot posture and proprioception?

·          Posture: Footwear Modification



*If the contrast (brightness also) control of your monitor is limited, you may be able to use PowerStrip to lower the contrast even further (color profiles menu)


Water Bottles:

“…reusing personal water bottles is acceptable provided you rinse them with some chlorinated tap water after they are empty and check the under the cap for black mold. See our water bottle section for more cleaning instructions.”


Core Temperature:

Higher core temperature because of immune system dysfunction? (CFS)


My Theories:

Combine theories

·          Internet Addiction is Caused by Hypovolemia (Low Blood Volume)

·          Internet Addiction is Caused by a Desire to Increase Arousal

Problems with differentiation leads to

*obsessive compulsive actions

*leg tension, fibromyalgia?

*laterality problems

*CFIDS? Hypovolemia?


     Add link to study on how computer use affects color temperature, melatonin excretion, heart rate, etc.

     Add suggestions (e.g. meditation for reducing core temperature and leg tension, tinted glasses or Bates method for reducing light sensitivity)



‘Hitchhiker’ exercise can also be done while sitting, rotating the feet instead of the hands?



Slow breathing exercises can be helpful for checking and correcting posture?



Problems with digestion exacerbate problems with dehydration?

·          Digestion, Dyspeptic Pain (e.g. heartburn)

·          Digestion and autism


Bates Method: Sunning Exercise

Stretches the neck slightly at the end of each repetition…

*increases proprioception?

*reduces pressure on the subclavian artery?



Sleeping on one side causes muscle tension in the…




*what else?



The color profile used by Powerstrip when computer is turned on is the first color profile that was saved? Force Powerstrip to use a new color profile by deleting all other color profiles?




Points seem to be better accommodative targets than textures/patterns


Body Core Temperature

*Water regulates body temperature (Batmanghelidj)

*Measuring core temperature by measuring ear temperature

*High core temperature and dehydration


*Tactile hypersensitivity

*Drinking coffee increase core temperature?

*Drinking alcohol gives a false sense of a higher core temperature?

*Color temperature, moderately cold environment (study)


**An aversion to exercise because of a high body temperature?

*Causes of low body temperature

*Seasons, SAD, body temperature increases in the Spring

*Meditation lowers body core temperature

*Body core temperature and longevity

*Color temperature

**Nocturnal fall in core temperature is suppressed by bright blue or green light, not by bright red or dim lights (and probably by other colors, like red, that reflect blue light)

**”The light with a high color temperature of 6500 K more strongly suppressed the nocturnal fall of the core temperature and the nocturnal increase of melatonin secretion than the light with a low color temperature of 3000 K.”

*Computer use (study): Articles: Evening Computer Use May Lead To Poor Sleep


Bates method

Sunning exercise makes afterimages more apparent?


Computer lenses

*determining magnifying power of lens (in diopters)

**lens clock

**other methods—paper cut-outs in different lens shapes?

**unconventional methods: "drop it and listen to the sound"? OptiBoard Discussion Forums: Optical Forums: General Discussion Forum




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