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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?



10/07 to 03/08


·          I have more notes than I can publish at the moment. So, instead of leaving you in the dark until I do publish them, I’ve decided to post them here.

·          Notes will be removed when they become moot.



Sense of Smell



“It would be difficult to imagine life without smell. Early experiments by NASA found that the efficiency of astronauts was reduced when confined to the near odor-free environment of a one-person space capsule. Astronauts found a smell-free environment so disturbing that they carried scented chemicals with them to counteract any negative effects of ‘odor-boredom’. NASA integrates a variety of smells into the air conditioning system of the space shuttle.”

Harper Collins Publishers Australia: 'The Psychology of Smell' by Dr Stephen Juan


Sense of Smell


Smell Disorders

Are smell disorders serious?:

“Yes. Like all of our senses, our sense of smell plays an important part in our lives.

·        The sense of smell often serves as a first warning signal, alerting us to the smoke of a fire or the odor of a natural gas leak and dangerous fumes.

·        Perhaps more important is that our chemosenses [The sense of smell is part of our chemical sensing system, or the chemosenses] are sometimes a signal of serious health problems.

  • Obesity,
  • diabetes,
  • hypertension,
  • malnutrition,
  • Parkinson's disease,
  • Alzheimer's disease,
  • multiple sclerosis, and
  • Korsakoff's psychosis are all accompanied or signaled by chemosensory problems like smell disorders. “

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: Health Info: Smell and Taste: Smell Disorders: Are smell disorders serious?



Sense of Smell



·        Amateur Aromatherapy - Very Important Safety Data

·        Amateur Aromatherapy - FAQ

·        Amateur Aromatherapy: Oils: Uses of Essential Oils


Smells and Tastes

Note: I would not recommend that people, experiencing Internet addiction, consume any products that increase beta waves regularly.


“According to the Smell & Taste Research Center in Chicago, just getting a whiff of peppermint can dramatically increase the brain's production of beta-waves.”

     However to really trigger your beta-waves you should chew peppermint gum, not just sniff it [really bad idea for people who already have too much beta].  This is because 90% of it's odor will quicly rise to the back of your throat and in to your nose.  This raises your beta-wave production in less than a minute! [not a particularly good idea]”

NAVCOPS Network: Health & Lifestyle: 'How to keep energized when you're tired'



“Fragrance of Jasmine increases beta waves in the front of the head…” Aromatherapy: How Does Aromatherapy Work?


Black Pepper, Rosemary, Basil:

“They've [John Steele and Robert Tisserand (researchers)] shown that beta brain waves, which indicate a state of heightened awareness, are increased when stimulating oils such as black pepper, rosemary, or basil are inhaled.”

Herbs for Health: Being Well the Natural Way Magazine, Jan/Feb 2003


Lavender, Rose:

“Calming oils such as lavender and rose produce more alpha and theta brain waves, indicative of relaxation and well-being. (Source: Herbs for Health: Being Well the Natural Way Magazine, Jan/Feb 2003)”

Herbs for Health: Being Well the Natural Way Magazine, Jan/Feb 2003


Sleep/Eye Masks 

Note: The term ‘eye mask’ is used here to refer to actual masks which cover the eyes. Sometimes ‘facial creams’ or ‘facial masks’ are referred to as eye masks.


“Eye masks, also known as sleep masks, are used primarily as room-darkening sleep aids or therapeutic tension relievers.

·        Users of eye masks position them for maximum comfort [want to avoid eyestrain—similar to ‘palming’ exercise] just before falling asleep.

·        Some eye masks are designed to put a slight pressure [bad idea?] on the sleeper's eyes, while others avoid eye contact entirely.

·        Therapeutic masks may contain aromatic herbs such as chamomile or lavender [lavender increases either alpha or alpha/theta brainwaves], or special gel packs which are heated or cooled before use.”

wiseGEEK: 'What are Eye Masks?'


“Eye masks intended as sleep aids create the effect of total darkness, which fools the brain into converting serotonin (a hormone associated with wakefulness)to melatonin (a sleep-producing hormone). Natural darkness is a known trigger for this phenomenon, so eye masks duplicate the circumstance of sundown. Creating total darkness can be a very effective sleep aid for

·        Those on unusual sleeping cycles [e.g. sleeping late on weekends],

·        Reclining on outdoor hammocks, or

·        Traveling on airplanes.”

wiseGEEK: 'What are Eye Masks?'


“Another common use for eye masks is tension reduction.

·        Headache sufferers often use herbal or cold-pack eye masks to encourage muscles around the head and neck to relax.

·        Those prone to sinus headaches and stuffiness may also find heated eye masks provide effective relief.

·        Herbs such as chamomile, lavender and peppermint [peppermint increases beta waves; peppermint may cause insomnia] have also been shown to create a feeling of well-being when used in eye masks.”

wiseGEEK: 'What are Eye Masks?'


“Not all eye masks are created equal. Consumers should try on various sizes and styles at the store before making any decisions.

·        Some eye masks can shift positions if the sleeper prefers to sleep on his or her side or stomach.

·        The mask area should fit snugly but comfortably around the wearer's eyes and nose without pinching or binding.

·        The holding strap should feel comfortable around the head, not digging into the skin or allowing for too much slack.”

wiseGEEK: 'What are Eye Masks?'


“Retail stores may offer a few eye masks in their health and beauty sections, but outlets which specialize in bed and body products usually have a wider selection.

·        Decide if you need a sleep aid or a stress reducer or perhaps a combination.

·        Some aromatherapy eye masks also work well as room-darkening sleep aids. These should be tested, as some level of outside light may still come through the eye masks.

·        Personalized eye masks are also available through mail order, and some models may feature fashionable designs or humorous logos.”

wiseGEEK: 'What are Eye Masks?'


“[for dry eye pain, made worse by allergies] Avoid sleep masks (used to block out light) that cannot be washed. One that you can wash, and that you store in the refrigerator to keep it cool, is available at…[Click ‘Shop’]…Get the ‘Eye Travel’ mask, not the one that contains aromatic oils [this currency converter might be helpful if you don’t live in the UKl]. Clean it with rubbing alcohol or with baking soda. Do not freeze this eye mask, and do not put it in the microwave.” 'Alleviating Dry Eye Pain Made Worse by Allergies'



Sense of Smell


Diminished sense of smell is caused by:

·        Allergies: Similar or Related Conditions

·        Greater reliance on vision?

·        A decrease in alpha waves?

·        Some sites claim that there have been studies which prove that the smell of lavender increases alpha waves. More information about alpha waves can be found in the research topic Brainwaves 

"Moisture…increases sense of smell. (Page 26)"

Book: Heller, Sharon, Ph.D. Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight. Quill, 2003.

Improving Proprioception


Smelling Disorders: Asomnia

“Anosmia is the most common type of smelling disorder. Loss of the olfactory sense is generally caused by nasal congestion or obstruction. Temporary partial anosmia often occurs when a person has a cold, the flu, or some types of rhinitis, especially hay fever (allergic rhinitis [the technical term used for a runny or congested nose]). During these conditions, nasal mucus membranes become inflamed.

Other causes for anosmia are:

  • Nasal polyps and other disorders that prevent air from getting to the area in the nose where the smell receptors are found. Hay fever or an allergy may cause one or more polyps to show up.
  • Viral upper respiratory infection.
  • Atrophic rhinitis. This condition causes mucus membrane to waste away. The person may experience some level of permanent anosmia. One symptom of this condition is that a person expels a foul-smelling discharge.
  • Hypertrophic rhinitis. Mucous membrane thickens, covering the olfactory nerve endings. If not treated, hypertrophic rhinitis can lead to permanent anosmia. This discharge could overpower other odors.
  • Cigarettes. Smoking aggravates the nose's membrane and intensifies nasal polyp symptoms.
  • A crooked nose or a deviated septum.
  • When the olfactory bulbs, tracts, or central connections are destroyed. This can occur in situations such as head trauma, infections or nasal or sinus surgery.
  • Head injury. If both olfactory nerves are torn during a head injury, permanent anosmia results.
  • Medications such as antihistamines and decongestants, especially prolonged use of decongestants.
  • Drugs like amphetamines, estrogen, naphazoline, phenothiazines, and resperine.
  • The aging process may cause the sense to lessen. In most cases, there is no other obvious cause for the disorder.
  • A tumor behind the nose or in the membranes surrounding the brain.
  • Lead poisoning.
  • Exposure to insecticides or other chemicals.
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Nervous disorders.
  • Idiopathic loss, which means there is no diagnosable cause for the condition.”

HealthAtoZ: Smelling Disorders



Research Topics


Twelve-Step Programs, Recognizing a Greater Power (doesn’t have to be God; the higher power can be a personal representation of the user looking outside themselves for help) that Can Give Strength



Vision: Things to Consider: Benefits of Glasses, Backsliding


Glasses can make people appear more intelligent and professional. People who are concerned about being judged by their looks at work may choose to wear glasses to make themselves appear more intelligent and professional.


When wearing tinted glasses it’s important to consider that they can exacerbate eyestrain caused by insufficient light.



Considering the dramatic impact of radiant light on

·        Decreasing alpha brainwaves and

·        Causing light sensitivity and sensory overload, and decreasing emotional intelligence

it seems that decreasing the brightness and contrast of your monitor is much more important than any concerns of eyestrain caused by insufficient light.



New Theory:


·        People who are hypersensitive, and who lack the emotional context to deal with high stress situations, seek to stimulate their emotional intelligence through artificial means.

·        People may be hypersensitive to sensory stimulation such as light or sound, or may be sensitive in other ways, such as sugar sensitivity.

·        People may attempt to stimulate their emotional intelligence artificially in many ways, from the radiant and flashing light and sound from computer games, to increasing the amount of sugar in one’s diet.

·        The end result of this artificial stimulation of endorphins, which is intended to increase emotional intelligence, is to instead cause a person to be more fatigued, more sensitive, and more stressed.



Emotional Intelligence:



·        'Television & Computer Effects on Learning and Emotional Intelligence' by Dr. Iris Fanning

·        Time Manager International: 'It is not enough to bring your Brain to Work. Bring your Heart too!'



·        Stockholm School of Economics: 'Measuring and Validating Emotional Intelligence as Performance or Self-Report'


Tips for improving emotional intelligence:

·        Spend time, at your own discretion, looking at plants or arts and crafts.

·        Take a nature walk.

·        Meditate.

·        Sensory overload can make people emotionally drained.

·        Instead of dragging the scroll box of your scroll bar click it with your mouse.

·        If your monitor is too bright and you can’t adjust the brightness try decreasing the blue and green light.




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