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Poor Posture


"Posture is not simply what happens when you are sitting or standing still. It's also dynamic and involves the way you hold your body when you move. Poor posture may include many elements:

          rounded shoulders,

          protruding buttocks and abdomen, and

          an overly arched lower back;

           often the head is pushed forward into an exaggerated position." Posture Perfect


"Poor posture extracts a high price as you age because it can:

          Limit your range of motion - muscles can be permanently shortened or stretched when a slumped over position becomes your normal position [muscular imbalances]. Muscles and ligaments that have been shortened or stretched no longer function as they should.

          Increase discomfort and pain - it can often cause headaches and pain in the shoulders, arms, hands and around the eyes resulting from a forward-head position. Rounded shoulders can trigger the headaches at the base of your skull where the shoulder muscles attach.

          Create pain in the jaw - a forward-head position can lead to jaw pain. This kind of pain (known as TMJ, temporomandibular joint disease) was once considered only a dental problem. Today we know that TMJ pain also may be caused or aggravated by faulty posture.

          Decrease lung capacity - reducing the amount of oxygen in your body can decrease the space in your chest cavity, restricting efficient functioning of your lungs.

          Cause low back pain - one of the most common consequences of bad posture. For people over 35, low back pain is often interpreted as a sure sign of age, although it may have been developing since childhood.

          Cause nerve interference - your spine is the basis of posture. If your posture is bad, your spine can be misaligned. Spinal misalignments may cause interference in nerve function.

          Affect proper bowel function - even this important bodily task may be affected by faulty posture. If you have a rounded shoulder, head-forward posture, it may affect your bowels. If your spine arches and sways forward, your intestines may sag and cause constipation.

          Make you look older than you are - when you are slumped over, or hunched over, not standing straight, you can add years to your appearance. For women, the more rounded the shoulders, the more breasts may sag. Any woman, no matter what her age, can help reduce the sag in her breasts by nearly 50% by simply standing tall."

International Chiropractors Association: Perfect Posture Guide



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