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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?




Examples of Distractions

Some people put stickers, fluffy animals, or other distractionson or near their computer monitor.


Changing your Focus, Accommodation

At your own discretion, if it's not necessary at the moment to be looking at your monitor, spend a few moments focusing on the distraction. Allow only your peripheral vision to perceive the monitor.

     When using a computer, turning on a television may be helpful in drawing your attention away. Turning on a television may also help to reduce eyestrain, as it interferes with concentration.


Reducing Vigilance, Orienting Response

Choose an image or an item which is familiar and comforting, such as flowers.

     Don't choose an image of something which will increase your vigilence and orienting response such as food or a picture of someone who you find attractive.


Changing Your Desktop

If you are using the Windows operating system you can change the background of your desktop.

     If you are using Internet Explorer you can set a new background picture for your desktop by right-clicking an image, and then clicking the command 'Set as Background' or 'Set as Wallpaper'.


        TechTV: Change Your Desktop Wallpaper


Dual-Brain Psychology

Because of how the retinas behind the eyes are attached to the hemispheres of the brain, looking to the left may stimulate your right brain, while looking to the right may stimulate your left brain. More information can be found on the page: Dual-Brain Psychology


An Excess of Endorphins

Overexposure to images that are familiar and comforting may cause your brain to release an excess of endorphins. More information can be found in the section:

           The Brain: Endorphins: An Excess of Endorphins

and in the topic:

           Theory of Perceptual and Cognitive Pleasure (Dr. Irving Biederman)



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