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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?


Prior Updates



3/31/03            Suggestions: Cross Dominance

                        The research topic 'Cross Dominance' has been added to the suggestions section

3/31/03            Research Topics: Similarities with Autism

                        Added an excerpt from the article 'My Mind is a Web Browser: How People with Autism Think'

3/29/03            Research Topics

                        Added new topic A Model of Stages in Object Perception

3/29/03            Suggestions

                        Replaced the suggestion 'Look Strait Ahead' with the suggestion 'Don't Lean Forward'

3/28/03            Research Topics

                        Additional information has been added to the Cross Dominance topic

3/27/03            Research Topics

                        Added new topicCross Dominance

3/25/03            Suggestions: Bates Method

Added a review of the book: Improve Your Eyesight: A Guide to the Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses to the Recommended Books section

3/25/03            Suggestions: Depression

                        Added new section:

Hormones which Affect Blood Sugar Levels

3/22/03            Polls

                        Poll # 1: Is there a relationship between cross

                        dominance and Internet/TV addiction?

3/21/03            Suggestions

                        Added new suggestion 'Look Straight Ahead'

3/20/03            Research Topics

                        Added new topic Syntonics

3/20/03            Suggestion: Bates Method

                        Recommended Books section has been added

3/19/03            Research Topic: Hypervigilence

                        Added new section 'Vigilence, Endorphins and the Amygdala'

3/18/03            Research Topic: Endorphin Addiction

                        Information about DLPA has been added to the Other Topics section.

3/17/03            Suggestion: Bates Method

More information about the 'sunning' exercise has been added. This  includes claims that sunning can relieve light sensitivity and warnings about wearing sunglasses and contact lenses.


3/9/03  Research Topic: Similarities with Autism


3/8/03  Research Topic: Integration


3/6/03  Suggestions

            New suggestions 'Eye Movement' and 'The Bates System

of Better Eyesight without Glasses' have been added.


3/6/03  Research Topics

New topic 'Neuropsychology of Myopia' has been added




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