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Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)


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Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)

Low Blood Volume

Low Blood Volume and CFIDS

"Clinical Studies have established that the average CFIDS patient has only 70% of normal blood volume. This means there is less blood in the body than there should be." 

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?



"The symptoms of low blood volume may include

·          Anxiety attacks,

·          Cold hands and feet,

·          Dry eyes,

·          Light-headedness when standing up, and

·          Fatigue.

·          And some believe it may even cause mitral value problems.

In addition, studies on fibromyalgia have shown evidence of dehydration which causes low blood pressure as well as electrolyte imbalances."

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?



·           "The theory [meaning a possible cause of low blood volume in people with CFIDS] of low blood volume is that

·          There is a faulty feedback mechanism in the brain that does not alert the body that it needs more water.

·          When fluid levels drop, the brain produces more adrenaline so

·          The heart has to pump more blood to compensate for this."

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?


"Dr. Bell hypothesized that the

·          Low blood volume could account for the prevalence of orthostatic intolerance (worsened symptoms upon standing) in CFIDS, because

·          The limited amount of blood tended to pool in the legs and feet, with a corresponding drop in the amount available to the brain.

·           The result?  Those awful sensations of heaviness…like you are wearing lead boots."

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?


"Evidence is mounting, this is a core problem in CFIDS, as well as reduced cerebral blood flow." 

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?




Note: Please read the section Nutrition: Water: Too Much Water before deciding to try the recommendation below.

     Also, you may want to consider that most rehydration drinks alone are not commonly considered to be an ideal breakfast. Most people recommend consuming a breakfast that contains complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

Drinking Electrolyte Liquids, Treating Orthostatic Intolerance:

"To counteract the symptoms of low blood volume many CFS/FMS specialists including: Cheney, Bell, and Streeten, recommend

·          Drinking one quart (950 ml or 32 US fluid ounces) of an electrolyte solution [e.g Gatorade] daily on an empty stomach.

There are more medications to treat orthostatic intolerance, but if drinking electrolyte liquids help part of the problem, it is a subject worth exploring with your physician."

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?


"Why electrolytes? Electrolytes are salts.  FMS/CFS [Fibromyalgia Syndrome/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] patients are often low in salt and often that lucky part of the population that can enjoy a high salt diet. Your physician can perform electrolyte testing to make sure you are in this percentage group.  If you are, electrolyte drinks will

·          Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood and

·          Give you relief from fatigue and muscle pain." 

Our FM/CFIDS World: Are Electrolyte Drinks for You?



“Start the morning off right by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up (before coffee!)”

Central Mississippi Medical Center: Health Tips - 'Water: a valuable nutrient'


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Improving Circulation:

·          Posture: Tilting Footrests

·           Exercise: Aerobic Exercise


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"Our FM/CFS World Inc. is a nonprofit organization maintained by sufferers of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Our Mission is to

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·          Increasing public, governmental and medical awareness of these diseases.

·          We append the mission statement to include: fundraising efforts to send donations to help in the Research for the Cause, Treatment and Cure of FM/CFIDS."

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