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Prior Updates

04/05 – 06/05


06/29/05   Nutrition: Sea Salt

Removed the following comment from the section Things to Consider: Sports Drinks because it may imply that the salt contained in Gatorade is as good as sea salt (which it isn’t) :

“[you'd have to drink about 4.8 liters (1.5 US gallons) of Gatorade to get the US recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium (less than 2400mg)]”


06/29/05   Nutrition: Sea Salt

Split the section ‘Serum Sodium Level, Chloride Level, Hair Mineral Analysis’ into the sections:

·         Serum Sodium Level, Chloride Level

·         Weak Adrenals

·        Hair Mineral Analysis

Sections are now located under the heading Things to Consider


06/26/05   Main

Added a link to the section:

Keeping a Checklist (Other Suggestions)


06/26/05   Other Suggestions: Keeping a Checklist

Added new section:

Backsliding: Hypoglycemia


06/26/05   Nutrition: Electrolytes

Expanded on the note in the section:

Electrolyte Drinks: Alternatives


06/26/05   Nutrition: Sea Salt

Replaced the following excerpt from the section Dosage with an excerpt from one of Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s book:

"For every 10 glasses of water (about 2 quarters [correction: 2 quarts is equal to 64 fluid ounces and would be equal to eight 8-ounce glasses, not ten]), add about half a teaspoon of sea salt [1200 mg of sodium] per day."

BabySnark: Supplements & Tips (pregnancy advice)


·        Nutrition: Sea Salt: Dosage


06/20/05   Notes

Added more notes


06/18/05   Posture

Moved the section:

Back and Neck Problems

To a separate page


06/18/05   Posture: Weak Glutes

Suggestions: Hip Flexors (stretch)


06/15/05   Nutrition: Sea Salt

Added new section:

Things to Avoid


06/13/05   Research Topics: Brainwaves

Added  new section:

Smells and Tastes


06/05/05   Posture

Add new section:

Sinking Seat Cushions


06/05/05   Notes

Added more notes


06/05/05   Nutrition: Electrolytes

Added a *note* to the section:

Electrolyte Drinks: Alternatives


05/26/05   Nutrition: Electrolytes

Added new section:

Electrolyte Drinks: Alternatives


05/22/05   Polls

Updated the Results of the polls


05/21/05   Notes

Added more notes


05/18/05 Vision: Binocular Functions: Amblyopia

Added an excerpt to the section:

Treatment: Passive Therapy (Occlusion)


05/12/05 Vision: Binocular Functions: Amblyopia

Added new section:

Things to Consider: Hypervigilence


05/08/05   Notes

Added more notes


05/08/05   Nutrition: Processed Food and Junk Food

Added new section:



05/08/05   Nutrition

Moved some excerpts from the section:

Sea Salt

To the new section:

Processed Food and Junk Food


05/02/05   Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals

Added new section:

Dietary Minerals


04/27/05   Vision: The Bates Method

Added new sections:


04/18/05   Notes

Added more notes


04/18/05   Indoor Air Pollution: Negative Ions

Added an excerpt from the article:

FOX News Network: Ionizing Air Cleaners May Pose Health Hazard

To the section:

Artificial Sources: Air Purifiers


04/18/05   Laterality

Added link:

Interhemispheric Integration

To the section:

Too Much Lateralisation


04/18/05   Muscle Tension: Muscular Imbalances

Added link:

Posture: Lumbar Lordosis

To the section:

Abdominals and Lower Back


04/18/05 Vision: Binocular Functions: Light Sensitivity

Added link:

Vision: Binocular Functions: Amblyopia

To the section:

Suggestions: Tinted Lenses: Things to Consider


04/13/05   Research Topics: Miscellaneous

Added new topic:

Personality Types: Amish


04/12/05   Notes

Added more notes


04/11/05   Posture

Added link:

Posture: Weak Glutes

to the sections:


04/11/05   Posture

Added new section:

Weak Glutes


04/05/05   Vision: The Bates Method

Added another note to the section:

The Problem with Corrective Lenses


04/05/05   Notes

Added more notes


04/01/05 Vision: Binocular Functions: Accommodative Insufficiency

Added new section:

Things to Consider




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