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Nasal Obstruction


          Nasal Obstruction and Laterality

          What is Nasal Obstruction?

          Normal Nasal Blockage: The Nasal Cycle

          Abnormal Nasal Blockage

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Nasal Obstruction and Laterality

          Laterality: Unilateral Nostril Breathing


What is Nasal Obstruction?

"A common complaint of many individuals with sinus problems is a 'blocked nose.' This feeling of blockage can result from sinus infections. In addition, there are a number of things that anatomically block the nose and can lead to sinus problems. Blockage may occur when the lining of the nose swells, or when there is a deformity of the cartilaginous or bony structures that make up the framework of the nose. This article will explore the common conditions that cause nasal blockage and how they can be treated."

WebMD: Nasal Obstruction


Normal Nasal Blockage: The Nasal Cycle

"You may notice one side of your nose feeling blocked, and sometime later feel that the other side is clogged. Many people notice this at night when lying in bed, since they have to alternate sides they sleep on to be able to breathe comfortably. This is what is termed the 'nasal cycle,' which is the normal cycle of congestion (swelling) and decongestion (shrinkage)in the nose. The nasal cycle causes swelling and then shrinkage of the linings of each side of the nose. The blood vessels inside the lining of the nose become engorged in a cyclic fashion, which leads to this swelling and shrinkage.

          This cycle varies from person to person but normally takes one to four hours.

          If you hold a finger over one nostril and blow air out the other nostril, you will notice a different amount of air coming from each side.

          This should normally vary from side to side according to your nasal cycle. Several factors affect the nasal cycle.

          For example, if you lie on your side, the nostril that is on top becomes more open.

          Emotional excitement causes nerves inside the nose to make the lining swell. Thus, you may notice intermittent swelling in your nose and still be within the range of normal."

WebMD: Nasal Obstruction


Abnormal Nasal Blockage


"Many conditions lead to abnormal swelling of the linings of the nose, causing the sensation of constant blockage. It is important to realize when these factors are contributors to your nasal obstruction. Otherwise, you could undergo surgery to correct what was thought to be a purely anatomic problem yet still be unable to breathe through your nose. If you have already had surgery, for example, straightening of a deviated septum (this will be covered later in this article), but still feel that your nose is blocked, perhaps you have one of these underlying problems."

WebMD: Nasal Obstruction


Causes: Anatomic

"Many anatomic factors cause nasal obstruction. You might suspect an anatomic blockage when your breathing alwaysseems worse on one side of the nose, and if the blockage has been present for many months or years. Remember that the two major components of the nasal passages are the septum and the turbinates. Significant abnormalities of these structures will impair breathing. In addition to nasal blockage, they can lead to snoring (which can be disruptive to the individual if he has apnea or pauses in breathing, but is more often a nuisance to a sleeping partner). Additionally, areas that block airflow in the nose can also block mucous flow and sinus drainage, and lead to sinus infections. Much of the remaining portions of this article will examine these anatomic causes of nasal obstruction."

WebMD: Nasal Obstruction


          "deviated septum

          nasal polyps

          large adenoids

          nasal foreign body


          turbinate bones"

WebMD: Nasal Obstruction


Causes: Nonanatomic

          "chronic sinusitis


          overuse of nose sprays

          birth control pills


          thyroid abnormality"

WebMD: Nasal Obstruction


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